Kellie Pickler on Shaved Head: It's Only Hair!

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Kellie Pickler has shaved her head for the most important of causes: to show solidarity with good friend Summer Holt Miller, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in June.

Was she afraid to take this step? Does she have any regrets? The former American Idol favorite opened up to Ellen DeGeneres on the latter's talk show Friday.

Kellie Pickler Haircut

"It's just hair!" Pickler said. "I will be honest with you, I was a little nervous and she was too. [We thought], 'I hope we don't have some crazy birthmark or wart or mole or something... but we had fun."

Pickler, who lost her grandmother to this disease, said she simply wanted to be there through chemotherapy with Miller.

"I think it's important to have a cancer buddy," Pickler said the experience, adding that her pal is "doing good" despite the obvious difficulties:

"It's hard on your body, it's hard on your mind. It's not an easy thing to go through. But she's a strong woman and she's handled it with such grace."


i love kellie pickler and what she did was for a cause and people need to under stand tht not make fun of her.


This is a true American Hero ♥


I love that Kellie did this for her friend, who has cancer.
What a blessing it is to have such great friends like Kellie, god love it!
Kellie, you are so admiring!
But, you look much better with your blonde hair and red high heels!


Now this is amazing. She did this for such a good reason, and I can truly admire this. It is just hair, and it'll grow back, but I bet she'll be glad for the rest of her life that she did this for her friend. Amazing.


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