Jackson Ripley, 12, Writes Letter to Mitt Romney, Says His Plan For America "Isn't What We Need"

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Jackson Ripley won't get to personally vote in a U.S. presidential election until 2020, but he's got some pretty strong opinions on the one coming up in 2012.

The 12-year-old from Colorado was watching political news coverage with his mom about pre-existing health care when he decided to write a letter about it.

A letter to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Jackson Ripley

Ripley ripped the former Massachusetts Governor not over his 47 percent comments, but his ever-changing health care stance and whether he actually will or won't repeal Obamacare, a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act, if elected president.

Citing contradicting statements from Romney on Meet the Press and the Tonight Show, the adolescent also describes the plight of his little sister, Kennedy.

It is Kennedy's pre-existing conditions that have Jackson spooked by President Obama's challenger, who he also criticizes for his stances on gay and women's rights.

Voting age or not, Ripley's mind is made up. Read Jackson's full letter to Mitt Romney, spelling and grammar and formatting unchanged, after the jump ...

Dear Governor Romney,

I’d like to say congratulations on winning the republican nomination. But, I wish you stayed in Massachusetts. You’re plan for America isn’t what we need, and would hurt us more than it would help.

First, repealing Obama care and other health plans he’s put in place have helped families across America, including mine. I live in a middle class family, and two years ago my little sister; Kennedy was denied insurance because of her pre-existing condition. This was a huge emotional stress and financial burden on my entire family. Under Obama Care, insurance companies can no longer deny Kennedy and kids like her, the coverage they need and deserve. Because of Obama care my little sister was able to have the several surgeries she needed that helped save her life. Once the President was elected he put Obama Care into action, just like he promised and made it so that you could get insurance with pre-existing conditions. This has made a direct impact on my family. My family is with out a doubt better off now, than we were four years ago!

It is to my understanding that you stated that you were going to repeal Obama Care, including the part I have mentioned, which will take away the insurance we have and need for my sister Kennedy. Why do you think she doesn’t deserve health care? Also, when you were interviewed on “Meet the Press”, you stated that you would NOT repeal this part of Obama Care, but then your campaign backpedalled and on the “Tonight show with Jay Leno”, you said that you WOULD repeal this.

Also, you’re domestic plans (birth control, gay rights etc.) are horrible! Women should get to manage their own health, and if you wonder why you’re not appealing to many women voters, rethink your birth control and women’s’ rights plans. And people should be able to marry whom they want. We built this country so people could have freedom, and not have religious beliefs control them to that length. This country was in no way built on any religion, so we should not create laws that repress the American people in a religious way and hurt our most vulnerable.

Jackson Ripley, age 12


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The way Obama has turned his back on the Ambassador in the Middle East only a Spineless Coward would vote for this pathetic excuse for a President! We will never support him- not ever.


@ clueless cheri. Agree with every wprd you said. If that boy spoke against Obamacare she would be down with it- no questions asked. She is a fake. In fact Cheri youkre a fake ass.
@ Linda Sterling Good points! Obamacare can't be that bad if Mitty boy wants to use it! Thanks for the vote of confidence in my president Mitt!


Romney has expressed ambivalence about Obamacare. He may NOT repeal it. He may retain some parts, eliminating others. He's going to use it as the foundation for his own health care initiative! Interesting. Especially in light of the CATASTROPHIC effects promised by critics and the conservatives on this station. It doesn't sound like your candidate agrees with your gloomy assessment. It is ironic that I never hear the Obamacare horror stories highlighted on the news or in the papers, only personal accounts that aren't or can't be verified or doomsday predictions from biased sources. I know there are some issues that need to be worked out as there is with any large scale model. However, it seems to be the best proposal we have right now. THAT'S been validated my Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. OBAMA/BIDEN 2012!!


The girl developed hemangioma at 4 weeks old, surely the insurance policy was topmost at the parents mind and also. The insurance still wouldn't cover the expenses even if they got it before she was born. And if a 12 year old in America can't write this letter, y'all must be schmucks because my little sister could ahve written this 4years ago, she's 12 too.


After watching the news it is certain that this Middle East cover up is about to blow wide open! Forget everything else, this is as big as Watergate. HILIARYS career is over. To apologize and blame a YouTube video is not only insulting the American people it's demoralizing the deaths of those for wonderful people. No country believes this was a spur of the moment act! It was planned by Al Queda and the America Public knows it! Obama has lied again. He just shit on those four Hero's. He has shamed this nation. Fast & Furious is unraveling and there will be jail time before its over and Obama gave Holder immunity. This Administration is in shambles. Anyone who voted for this socialist racist should never be allowed to vote again! He now wants to redistribute the wealth? Is he God? Now the American Flag has an "O"in it? He is a walking Disaster! A Toxic waste dump!
Now .. What were you saying? Did you want to apologize for voting for this piece of dawg shit? If not- STFU!

@ Cheri

THANK YOU Cheri. I could not have said it better myself. I CANNOT and WILL NOT have anything to do with anyone that has had any hand in re-electing the most dangerously incompetent president in history. It is an absolute catastrophic disaster. Never in my life have I been so scared and worried about the welfare of my country. I have never thought I would ever say I was embarrassed to be American but unfortunately I am now.........


@Cheri, did you come from hell or something? Bitch: please get your mind right! This is a 12yrs old decision, not yours. Please re-read what the site wrote nutt.


Kid, recently, Romney said that he won't repeal all of Obamacare, and he will keep the part that says, preexisting conditions, will be covered. Blame you parents for not having health insurance, in the first place, because, getting insurance, after someone is diagnosed, with a serious condition, is life buying cat insurance, after, you have an accident, and expect them to fix your car, assuming it wan't a law, that you, have to be covered. By the way, kid, Obama is a racist, a Communist, his foreign policies, got some Americans murdered. He spends too much of our money, on failed projects. He is a phony.


What a ignorant parent to put their kid on this topic. What was it- a trip to Disney funded by taxpayers that made him do it? You should ask yourself- is it because he is up for liberals - that's the reason you think he is ok by doing this? You are a dumbass skank!


@Cheri, where did your mind go? Honey, get the stick out of your ass. Kids have the right to their opinion and you can not get mad about it.


I'd rather hear the opinion of a "likely" voter! Their vote will count...these kids won't be allowed near a voting poll. What was the point of this anyway??? Somebody thought it was CUTE! Yet..it wasn't.

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