Ireland Baldwin Bikini Pic: Tweeted!

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Ireland Baldwin is making a play for a spot on THG's next bikini body countdown.

The 16-year old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Tweeted a picture of herself in a swimsuit last night, including the following, somewhat confusion caption along with the image:

"I stoleeeee your snapback HA #minenow #lamemirrorpic #bahaha."

Ireland Baldwin Bikini Pic

Might we ever seen more of Ireland? The teenager was asked by a follower if she'd ever strike a naked pose and responded with a simple:

"ermmmm no. Never."

Phew. We'd imagine that might make her famous father angry. And we all know what happens when Alec Baldwin gets angry.

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She maybe 16, but she's the one showing what's she's got, no one asked for , she did it, so like anyone they see something that looks good there going to look, some people didn't even know how old she was, SO I suggest you stop calling people dogs, cause I domt see anyone saying they want to sleep with her, or they would be pigs. But I'd say when she turns 18, you will see a lot more of her, look at all the other 1's when they turned 18.


Not such a little pig now, huh Alec?


She's 16 you pigs!!!!!! omfg

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