Ireland Baldwin Bikini Pic: Tweeted!

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Ireland Baldwin is making a play for a spot on THG's next bikini body countdown.

The 16-year old daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger Tweeted a picture of herself in a swimsuit last night, including the following, somewhat confusion caption along with the image:

"I stoleeeee your snapback HA #minenow #lamemirrorpic #bahaha."

Ireland Baldwin Bikini Pic

Might we ever seen more of Ireland? The teenager was asked by a follower if she'd ever strike a naked pose and responded with a simple:

"ermmmm no. Never."

Phew. We'd imagine that might make her famous father angry. And we all know what happens when Alec Baldwin gets angry.


She maybe 16, but she's the one showing what's she's got, no one asked for , she did it, so like anyone they see something that looks good there going to look, some people didn't even know how old she was, SO I suggest you stop calling people dogs, cause I domt see anyone saying they want to sleep with her, or they would be pigs. But I'd say when she turns 18, you will see a lot more of her, look at all the other 1's when they turned 18.


Not such a little pig now, huh Alec?


She's 16 you pigs!!!!!! omfg

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