Alec Baldwin Unloads on ANOTHER Photographer!

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Alec Baldwin got into a heated confrontation with another photographer this morning, berating him, grabbing his arm and ordering him to take a hike.

It's unclear what sparked the showdown, but ever since Alec Baldwin's attack on a photographer two weeks ago, they've been hounding him even more.

Marcus Santos, the alleged victim of the first incident, wants to see him prosecuted. No charges have been filed, but today's war of words won't help Alec.

Alec Baldwin, Photographer

Less than an hour ago, Alec approached a photographer who was hanging out in front of his New York apartment building and lashed out at the guy.

"I want you to shut the f**k up ... leave my neighbor alone ... get outta here," the clearly pissed 30 Rock star said to the incredulous paparazzo.

Alec, who grabbed the guy's arm briefly, soon backed off, but not before getting right in his grill and saying in menacing tone, "You little girl!"

Baldwin then walked back into his building, clutching a large pink stuffed animal for some reason. TMZ has the full video of the confrontation.

The NYPD is still investigating the first incident. We feel for Baldwin, but maybe he should dial down the rage and use some pithy Jack Donaghy quotes instead.


As far as I'm concerned, ALL 4 of those Baldwin brothers are full of HOTHEADED DYSFUNCTION JUNCTION...ESPECIALLY Alec, who heads and leads the pack in the dysfunctional department. Yikes.


A huge part of being worth millions of dollars and living a privileged lifestyle from a job as an actor is being accessible to the public. These guys know the drill and they know all about reporters and photographers. I don’t see these scum bag actors shy away from the camera when they need publicity for a new movie release. Alec was way out of line getting in this guy’s face and grabbing his arm – it was clearly a physical assault and I how the photographer sues his ass off. And I noticed that big and brave Alec went after the smallest guy in the crowd – real big man Alec is. I see Alec Baldwin has advanced from calling his daughter a ‘PIG’ over the phone to attacking people on the street. What a piece of crap he is.


I have to laugh, you say oud knock him out! But then hell take everything you have and then youll be left on the street! he's alec baldwin and he knows it!!


Alec should just pay some junkie, to rough up these parasites. It would help the economy, which needs all the help possible, with Obama in office.


Yes Joy, his behavior is bad but compared to the right wing extremist by the name of 'Mel Gibson' he is very civil.


These paps are nothing else but stalkers and should leave the stars alone when they are in their private life. They can take as much photos as they want in social settings, galas, etc. MB


I see a Mel Gibson like melt down in your future you big fat bully. I'd love for you to grab my arm it will be lights out for you fat ass

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