Emma Watson-Fifty Shades of Grey Rumors Resurface; Ryan Gosling Also Included This Time!

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She's shot down the rumor once before, but Fifty Shades of Grey and Emma Watson have been linked together again ... along with Ryan Gosling.

That's the latest Grey gossip anyway. Emma Watson as Anastasia Steele and Gosling as the titular Christian Grey in the film adaptation of the century.

What does the Perks of Being a Wallflower star have to say about it?

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"She's laughing, a little bit nervously as I'm sure everybody was when they read those books," co-star Nina Dobrev told Ryan Seacrest earlier today.

"She would be far more interested if he were playing Christian Grey," the Vampire Diaries star said of Emma's apparent infatuation with Mr. Gosling.

"I guess that's all it takes."

We guess. It's unclear how serious Nina was/is about Emma's interest in the film (she previously denied any involvement), but you're now up to date.

What do you think: Emma Watson as Ana Steele?

What about Ryan Gosling as Christian Grey?


Emma, you look good, my friend.


Ryan Gossling should be Elliot


I believe Emma Thomas from the Phantom movie and the guy who played spider man in the last film, has great sex appeal. Andrew Garfield, just dye his hair. Emma Stone, they had great sex appeal in this Spider man movie...DC


Idk I think Ryan might be perfect. He has an edgy quality that would make him believable. The character is in his twenties, and most men in their twenties couldn't pull it off. They just aren't sophisticated enough, or in Christian's case damaged enough.


Emma fucking Watson. Seriously, I think she's completely wrong for the part and looks nothing like the character. But on a side note I imagine Adrianna Lima as Ana when I read it lol and Zac efron as Christian


Hey Emma you are not perfect




Alex Pettyfer - perfect Christian Grey. Gossling shouldn't be in the running at all??


It resurfaced because Ryan Seacrest doesn't bother to do any fact checking cause he would have seen that Emma has shot down these rumors several times now, even at TIFF the other day.

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