Eastwooding: Empty-Chair Meme Explodes After Actor's RNC Speech

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The biggest story to come out of Thursday's conclusion of the Republican National Convention was not Mitt Romney's acceptance specch, but #Eastwooding.

Eastwooding being the Twitter hashtag for parodies, jokes and memes at the expense of acting legend Clint Eastwood's unusual, yet highly entertaining speech.

The 82-year-old debated an invisible Obama in an empty chair in what had to be the strangest endorsement of Romney all week, and the Internet went nuts.

Here's the original photo - angled so Invisible Obama still uses a teleprompter (subtly hilarious) - along with some of our favorite celebrity-based parodies:


Clint expressing utter disgust with Keanu Reeves' first term:

Clint Eastwood and Keanu Reeves

Clint debating Paris Hilton (basically an empty void of air):

Clint Eastwood, Paris Hilton

President Obama actually showing up for the debate:

Clint Eastwood, Barack Obama

Clint debating the Princess Leia hologram from Star Wars:

Clint Eastwood, Princess Leia

McKayla Maroney is not impressed by the stunt (or most other things):

McKayla Maroney Not Impressed With Eastwooding

And finally, a confounding and disbelieving text from Hillary Clinton ...

HRC Eastwooding
Dj james m

Eastwooding the Video.


LIBERTARIAN PARTY! It is not just a 2 sided race where you must choose between Obama and Romney. GARY JOHNSON is running in the 2012 presidential election. If you have never heard of GARY JOHNSON google him. If you have never heard of the LIBERTARIAN PARTY google it as well. We as Americans cannot make an informed decision without knowing all of the facts.


Sans notes or a teleprompter, Clint, in an offbeat, entertaining way, called to attention, what a failure, Obama, as president, is.


Axelrod was on Fox last night being interviewed. All these people are the same. They talk and talk and if they can keep you from talking they win. Axelrod could do nothing but say- OH PAUL RYAN SAID THAT! When data was presented he talked more and the more he talked the less sense he made. This money is for school teachers & education & welfare & green energy research! I hope people just LISTEN to what they are actually saying this week! They have no PLAN! BTW- Bush is not on the Ticket!


Obama has only lowered the bar on what it means to be an American. Don't even think that somehow Clinton was a model for a successful president, his entire administration was propped up on the Tech Boom. Thankfully, he spent his time with Monica occupying his attention. I wish Obama had a Monica! Seriously, as a business owner, I long for stability. You cannot build castles on shifting sands, and make no mistake my liberal friends, its castles who hire and protect the masses. Or think of bussiness owners as cows. If you don't put good green grass in their mouths, you got no milk out of them. YOU live on the milk of the successful healthy cow. If the cow stops giving milk because the pasture has been taken away, you can always kill the cow and eat the meat, but then you will NEVER get milk from it again. THAT is Obama's plan! Kill the cows so we are on our knees in the world economy. Get smart people!


Why does the owners of this site allow poster matt to use racist language but erase other posters normal posts that have no vulgar language .Your site is the least viewed on the web do you not want morw viewers .


Guess, loser!


Obama nationalized gen motors, made more deficit and unemployment, there are troops stool in Afghanistan, the 'coitus interuptis'/pull out method Of foreign policy does NOT work, he is a one term prez just like Hoover during the depression in the 30s. He is not a good fit.


She must be new or reinvention of another.


@ Ruck Fomney. Cool name! Great post! This President ENDED the war in Iraq! How many young Americans died in that war? How many administrations did it last through?! Pres O ended it!! My President eliminated Osama B, mastermind of the horrific 9/11 attacks. Pres O extended unemployment benefits for millions of jobless Americans and reduced taxes on ones who have jobs. This is just a few of his accomplishments. I'll be posting more. Like Pres O said, "this seat's taken." It'll be taken again in Nov! Didn't do anything for this country. You crazy as hell. Obama 2012

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