Donald Trump on Kate Middleton Topless Pics: All Her Fault, Totally Fair Game!

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The shocking release of Kate Middleton topless photos, taken from a distance while she was at a private villa in France, has sparked debate over the ethics of celebrity media coverage. Most people tend to sympathize with the Duchess of Cambridge here.

Donald Trump, however, is not most people.

In a series of Tweets, the blowhard opined that Middleton herself is to blame for the nude photos - she didn't have to strip down outdoors, after all!

Kate Middleton Clothed
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“Kate Middleton is great, but shouldn’t be sunbathing in the nude, she has only herself to blame," writes Trump. "Who wouldn’t take Kate’s picture and make lots of money if she does the nude sunbathing thing. Come on Kate!”

Somehow we're guessing the British royal family disagrees.

The irate royals are exploring legal options to stop the spread of the Kate Middleton pics, and have already won an injunction against French gossip magazine Closer.

However, at least two other tabloids have run the pics - both in other nations not bound by the ruling - and that's just print media. The Internet is a different beast.

What do you think of Trump's statement? Is he for real? We know he likes to weigh in on whatever's trending, but does he have a valid point? Comment/vote below ...

Is Kate Middleton to blame for the scandal?


Maybe she should have been more careful. However, she was with her husband having private time. She was not doing anything wrong and she was not in a public place. Its wrong to exploit a private moment with her husband for greed. Donald is just mad no one wants to see naked pictures of him :-)


Partially true. She is a celebrity. You have to think in the back of the mind the pappi might be near.


LOL hmm first of all donald trump is only relevant cuz he had money. Second Kate is not lucky. She married into royal trash. And her mother in law is a whore. That family is lucky to have HER. Thirdly, Donald trump actuall thinks someone cares what he thinks ??? Just look at him!!! All that money and he still looks like shit. Please trump... Before you go ahead trashing someone. How about you make sure your slate is clean first.
You disgusting old pig.


To be honest it feels like none of the younger royal family member are aware or taking their position seriously. Kate Middleton should have been more aware of her status and thought better than to be topless in public. I also don't see much difference between the royal family and a celebrity as well other than the fact these royal family are living off taxes. Their life is too privileged so they should stop complaining how they don't get enough privacy.


Ofcourse she does not fit for the thrown. She is just a commoner and not very well training to become a queen. Think the royal should shame upon thid scandal.


I once agree with this american LOSER!!


This chick new exactly what she was doing and because of her idiocy it's an international incedent, screw her she's in not way fit for a crown. (or is she smart as a fox) hmmm time always tells (; ' D, AA HA HA HA HA HA


People are assholes. The royal family should tie the magazine and Paparazzi in so much litigation their grandchildren will need attorneys. If they are somewhere secluded and private ( or they thought)that means they didn’t give anyone the authority to take naked photos of them much less print them for the world to see. She wasn’t on a public beach or anywhere public. She was somewhere PRIVATE with her HUSBAND. Where does that say come take a picture of my breast and post it for the world to see. Donald is probably an undercover peeping Tom and was waiting and praying these pictures or some sort would come out. I guess Christmas came early for perverts like him


So much for privacy. Never forget the media murdered Williams mother, now they're after Kate.


I agree with Mr. Donald Trump. Kate Middleton is such a fool! After all she is not a true ROYAL. She just got lucky to marry one!!!

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