Courtney Stodden Plastic Surgery Photos: YOU Be the Judge!

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The shameless Courtney Stodden turned 18 less than a month ago, but the wife of Doug Hutchison has - according to reports - already made a very adult decision.

LOL, not that decision. Sorry pervs.

Court was seen shopping with her middle-aged husband in L.A. this week sporting a decidedly different look, renewing speculation that she's had work done.

A couple of Courtney Stodden pics on Twitter also fueled those rumors. Think she went under the knife? Take a look (she's legal, it's okay) below and see:

Courtney Stodden Topless Pic
Courtney Stodden Face

Krista Keller, Courtney's momager (who must be so proud), calls the rumors "ridiculous" and swears "she's doing her makeup differently ... that's all it is!"

"Courtney decided she wanted to change her makeup. She went for a lighter, more natural look, old Hollywood kind of look." Totally. So very natural.

"People always think a knife is touching her face, but she's like a chameleon ... she can change her look so easily," Keller added. "People just don't get it."

True, we are so unenlightened, speculating about such things.

What do you think? Follow the link above for "younger" pictures of her for comparison, then tell us below: Did Courtney Stodden have plastic surgery?


All she did was change her make-up to a different look. I don't see a hint of anything that could be plastic surgery. Personally I think she looks much better now.


They both make me want to vomit, especially him. I look at him, and all I can see is that man-eating stretch guy in XFiles, but now I see him doing a child. Yuck!!!


Only her lips look bigger,because her nose looks the same. If u could see the older picture from the side u could tell its the same.


Trannies are always men but with a ton of makeup. It is a sin against gods plan. A person born as a man is supposed o be a man. Now get your ass kicked in a bar the way trannies do.


The young lady was sold into a new form of child sex slavery.A 51 year old wants to marry your 16 year old daughter. You nor your daughter will never have to worry about anything finanically. Rather you get in all today or periodically through out years revenue of talk shows, "album sales", "talk shows" or something as small as Youtube hit

@ Kimaras31

I absolutely agree. Her momager saw an avenue for $$$, and sent her daughter to fetch it with her body.


I can't really tell because of the ankle of the face besides I have never ever seen her before.


I think she fixed her teeth, got some veneers cause her smile was worse before.


I think this look is soooo much better!! She looks her age and fresh! She really is a stunning bombshell but she tries so hard to be sexy all the time! Make up can do wonders! As a cosmetologist i know this very well! I to suspect maybe a botox injection on the lips cuz hers were a bit thin but it can also be some correctional make up i cant really tell due to this crappy cell but she looks amazing! I hope she threw out the stripper shoes too some classic pumps are just fine!! Btw Court i loved ur song reality! Nice club feel it really is a catchy song!


Gross. No matter what. Gross, gross, gross.


please stop with these crazy conclusions.
there happened a thing. SHE IS JUST A DAY OLDER.....

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