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Kirstie Alley is throwing her weight behind Lady Gaga.

The 26-year-old singer is starting a “Body Revolution” to “inspire bravery and breed some m$therf*cking COMPASSION” when it comes to women’s weight and body image issues.

Alley, no stranger to the topic, says more power to her.

Lady Gaga at SAGs
Photo via Getty Images for Turner

“She is such a role model for millions of girls in the world and she should be whatever weight she wants to be and nobody should have to starve themselves,” said the DWTS hopeful.


Alley also brushed off talk of Gaga’s fuller figure:

“When you first come out in the industry and you have an image and you’re all skinny and you have all this fashion and you become an icon because you’re a stick.”

“There are women that are naturally thin – it’s rare. She gained, what, 30 pounds? Who cares! I think it’s good that she’s saying this and starting the body revolution.”

Gaga made headlines recently after looking curvier on stage and admitted to putting on 25 pounds, which she attributed mostly to eating at her dad’s Italian restaurant.

After receiving backlash, she posted bikini pictures of herself, admitting she’s been tormented by weight issues and suffering anorexia and bulimia since she was 15.

We’re glad for both of their stances on the topic … and for that Kirstie Alley kiss of Tom Bergeron on Dancing With the Stars Monday. That was just hilarious.