Usher Wins Primary Custody of Two Children

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It's been long and it's been ugly, but for Usher Raymond, it's all been worth it:

A judge has awarded the singer primary custody of the two children he shares with ex-wife Tameka Foster.

The case has gone back and forth for months, with Foster alleging that Usher was an irresponsible father who took drugs in front of his kids. Accusations of infidelity, inattentiveness and a great deal of name-calling have also been tossed around by both sides. Usher even cried once on the witness stand.

Usher R.

But the court has now sided with Usher and the former couple's sons will spend a majority of time with their father.

Foster will receive some custodial rights, but it's unclear at the moment just how the arrangement will work.


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The only losers in case are those children. Instead of these two innocent wonderful children being able to enjoy the company of both parents equally without limitations, supervisions or speculations they have been paraded back and forth from court in front of the media. So please lets not cheer to hard. For what, to get more money, keep more money or just a result of grown people who don't know the value of communication and marriage. JUST DATE AND USE CONDOMS


she did come off as a gold digger, and if you need all that money to support your kids, then they are better off with the parent that can provide better!


Yeah yeah yeah! Good call court ol'thirsty trick'll be spewing she lost her paydays!! :L


Way to go usher..she dont derseve dose kids..yu do..yu fought long and hard and it has payed off...keep up d good work...besides kidz need thier father im glad 2 c dat tey will be w yu d majority of d ure kids..tey r wats it really all bout..