Tameka Foster Demands Drug Test for Usher

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Tameka Foster is intent on proving that Usher is an unfit father.

The singer's ex-wife filed papers in court last week that allege a number of indiscretions by Usher, most of them based on the way he has treated Tameka, not the way he has been toward his two sons.

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But now Foster is raising the accusatory ante, demanding a judge force Usher to take a drug test ASAP because she believes he's been popping pills around the pair's children. Usher has refused to take this bait so far, deeming his ex's claims to be "frivolous and unfounded," merely meant to "harass and embarrass" the artist.

As a result, lawyers are now involved and Tameka's side is urging the legal system to act quickly, lest Usher have the chance to "cleanse" his body of all foreign substances.

We'll see how this turns out, but right now it's clear Usher did the right thing by cleaning his life of Tameka, isn't it?


When you marry someone you should know the person and not because their your stylist and a good friend. Why didn't either party know about each other personality. Usher may have meant well by being in his children life but sometimes not neccessary the mother included but to have a good relationship with her for the kids sake. I hope they can put their irreconcilable difference aside to keep in mind the best interest of the children and not being selfish for themselves.


I think Usher should just take the drug test, unless he has something to hide. If he is innocent and the headlines keep coming, do the american dream, sue her. That'll shut her up and restore his good name. That's IF he is clean.

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