Taylor Swift Releases Lyrics Video for "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

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Taylor Swift may be spending a lot of time with new boyfriend Conor Kennedy these days, but the singer isn't resting on her musical laurels.

She made it very clear during a Web chat this week, during which Swift announced a new album and also debuted a new single: she's about to blast back on to the charts.

As part of the promotion for "Red," which comes out on October 22, Taylor has released a lyrics video in honor of "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together." Check it out now:

Fans, of course, are both enjoying the song and asking questions about it, namely:

Which ex-boyfriend is at the center of a track whose words include “You would hide away and find some peace of mind with an indie record that’s much cooler than mine?"

Our best guess: Chord Overstreet, who briefly dated Swift in 2011 and who left Glee for a period in order to record a solo album.

Sound off now with your take on who Swift is singing about:


She's really good...and my best!


Type in kick i front of the youtube in the URL and it takes you to the kiouucytkbe page of that video and then just follow the instuctions and pick the format (mp3) that you want.. have fun!PS some vids just dont work sometimes so just find another one.


it is wonderful,i love it so much
thank you


I care a lot! taylor is an awesome artist and this song is fucking awesome m addicted!


That song sucks


Who the hell cares?


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