Chord Overstreet and Taylor Swift: New Couple Alert?

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Are we about to embark on a trip down SwiftStreet?

Cameras caught Taylor Swift and Glee star Chord Overstreet taking in the L.A. Kings game last night. The possibility of these two dating is even more jarring than the fact that people actually attend hockey games in Los Angeles. Who knew?!?

Chord Overstreet and Taylor Swift

Has Taylor struck a new, romantic Chord? [Photo: Jeff Gross/Getty Images]

No word from either side yet about the meaning behind this possible date, but the two do look awfully cute together, don't they? A friend tells Us Weekly:  "Chord is into her. He will definitely pursue this."

Overstreet has recently been linked to Kelly Osbourne and Naya Rivera, while Swift has been linked... eh, just go listen to her latest album and hear for yourself.

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In the complicated world we live in, it's good to find simple slouitons.


OMG!!! i am late with the news!! are they in relationship now???? huhuhuh,,, why is TSiwft keep on collecting guys? hahaha maybe for info!! hahaha okay! wish the both of you last forever... iloveyou both!!


yall are the cuteiest couple in the world hope yall last ps. taylor don't let this one it looks like yall will stay together forever with love chasity ann harris


I changed my opinion of TS when she hooked up with John Mayer for a while and he is a notorious woman chaser. Personally, I don't think she's as talented as she thinks she is. She needs to improve her posture; quit writing silly songs about guys who have obviously dumped her; and and move over to the pop field instead of pretending to be a country star.


I love taylor. And I dont really no that dude so whatever, but I think Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are a very wonderful couple!!!!! Taylor Swift + Taylor Lautner!!!
Taylor Swift


Who would want to go out with her!!!!i feel bad for him!!!i give them a month or two!!


i guess taylor isnt a slut, its not her fault shes very pretty that many guys wants to date him. SO MANY BOYS, SO LITTLE TIME. So yeah, a month for each sounds pretty fine, shes single. what could be so wrong about it?


man you can tell she is a slut she goes from one guy to another and another freakin glee guy i think its pr and she will make a hit song just watch and see