Taylor Swift Purchases Cape Cod Mansion... Next Door to Conor Kennedy!

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Oh yes. It's safe to say things are getting very serious very quickly between Taylor Swift and her new boyfriend, the 18-year old son of Robert Kennedy Jr.

Not long after Swift and Conor Kennedy became an official couple, the singer introduced the famous offspring to her parents in Nashville - and now she's making a move toward his family. A major one.

As first reported by People, Taylor has purchased a $4.9 million mansion in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, right across the street from Conor's grandmother, Ethel Kennedy. It has seven bedrooms, five bedrooms and its view looks like this:

Taylor Swift Mansion

The residence is located on right on a private beach and comes with a guesthouse and a private road with seasonal security.

Asked by members of the press this month how she'd react if Swift actually married Conor, Ethel replied: "We should be so lucky!"

It may be a tad premature, but this is a significant step in that fantasy actually becoming a reality.


Awww, now she can live next door to her ex after this relationship ends like all of her other ones. And buying a house next door to your boyfriend's family's house is creepy, especially since they haven't been dating long. There is something seriously wrong with this girl; I think she's crazy.


That mansion is gonna be in sale in about 2 months, just saying


She bought a house next door to her teenage boyfriends family's house??? Stalker much? That is so creepy...


it will be on sale by next month and then she'll write a whole album on living next door to her ex smh


Twelve bedrooms and no bathrooms. LOL. Taylor is moving too fast as usual.


The spelling and grammar are WAY off. It is *Massachusetts* and how many bedrooms?"Even" or "five?" However, That is a beautiful area. What an amazing view.

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