Taylor Swift Introduces Conor Kennedy to Family, In "Puppy Love" with Famous Offspring

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It's more than just official, Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy are now serious.

Just how serious?

The country singing superstar introduced the 18-year old offspring of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and Mary Kennedy to her parents in Nashville this week, with a Twitter user actually snapping a photo of the quartet at dinner:

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy

Photos first surfaced of Swift and Kennedy on July 4 weekend, as they spent time with his family in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts.

Since then, the couple has shared a few meals in public and an insider tells Us Weekly that Swift is "head over heels" for her new young man: "It's really puppy love right now."

Conor's famous grandmother, Ethel Kennedy, is all for the union. Asked about it last week at the Television Critics Association press tour, Ethel said of the possibility that Swift could become part of this famous family:

"We should be so lucky!"


Yet another boyfriend, so she can write and sing a song about their relatioship. And a Kennedy no less? Boy that's a match made in hell....who'd get involved with a Kennedy?????


Well, Taylor Swift has ANOTHER boyfriend. Big surprise. This girl seriously needs to slow the hell down when it comes to boys and men. I love how everyone always assumes that the guy cheated or was horrible to her, when the only thing any of them have in common with one another is her. If she's had so many bad breakups, you have to figure that it's probably her fault. I bet she's crazy.


Was the beautiful Taylor Swift adopted?


Ahhh Taylor how ccould you do this ??? I dont mean i disagree, i just cant believe this!!! If you're serious with him its nevermind to me, the most important is you always happy with him :) i love you Taylor Swift, and Conor please dont make her break up, bcoz Swifties will hate you if you do it :D hehehehe

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