Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy: It's Official!

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Ladies and gentlemen, we present... Tonor!

Okay, the nickname needs work, but we can now debate what it ought to be now that a source has confirmed Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy really are an item.

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Following a couple sightings of these two in New York, witnesses once again spotted them together on Friday in Hyannisport, Massachusettes.

They "walked on the beach and played on a trampoline," according to an onlooker, while another added that "Conor put his arm around Taylor and they kissed behind the boat shed."

Simply put: Yes, "Taylor is officially dating Conor Kennedy," the tabloid reports.

It's been a difficult time for the 18-year old recently, as his mother hanged herself in May. But Swift has been there Conor and she's received the Kennedy stamp of approval in the process.

"The Kennedys love Taylor and think she's amazing!" says the source.

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Why don't you call the Color??


Hope the depression part is not inherited and addictive personality disorder but in the looks end the kids should be beautiful. Really it's all about the gene pool.


It's obvious she thinks she's the next Grace Kelly. (severe eye roll)


Their couple name is Taco xD lololololol


I love her very much and I'm always fine with all of her desicion. We Swifties love you! :)


leave taylor alone, she's following her dreams and experiencing love along the way. she writes songs about her life and people relate to them. she hasn't even dated all of those guys and you're all acting like she's dated them all in the last 6 months. she falls in love and it doesn't work out. you're all just jealous she is having a chance with these guys and youse will end up alone with 10 cats. she is perfect the way she is and shouldn't change. if you all are believing this bullshit 'hollywood' gossip, then you really must have not much of a life if you're sitting behind a computer screen bullying a girl about the amount of boys she's been with. you are pathetic. leave her alone, she's only living life for what she has now.


What the hell are you talking about? She's been photograpphed with all of these guys, or she's acknowledged writing songs about them. Everyone thinks she's so innocent and is America's new sweetheart, but I bet it's bullshit. I don't see John Mayer or Jake Gyllenhal being with a girl they're not sleeping with for long. @Tm8
I definitely agree. There are only so many good ways to write about the same things. How many first kisses and first heartbreaks can there be?


lol people you are stupid enough to believe that all the media had linked up to taylor is true. SHE DIDNT DATE ALL OF THEM. SHE HASNT BEEN DATING SINCE JAKE IN 2010 SO CAN YALL PLEASE GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT


I don't want to hear another song about her first kiss behind the school yard.


I was just thinking the same thing. She's real innocent all right.

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