Mary Richardson Kennedy Committed Suicide, Report Says

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s wife, Mary Richardson Kennedy, was "depressed and despondent" before committing suicide this week, according to a new report.


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    Mary Kennedy Funeral Honors "Radiant Life"

    Mary Richardson Kennedy was remembered for her generosity of spirit by family and friends at a private funeral Monday.

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Speaks on Wife's Suicide

    Mary Kennedy, who committed suicide by hanging herself, had battled depression for years, according to estranged husband Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

    Mary Kennedy Death Caused By Asphyxiation Hanging

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s estranged wife Mary Kennedy died yesterday as a result of asphyxiation by hanging, confirming a report that surfaced yesterday.

    Mary Kennedy Dead at 52

    Mary Kennedy, the estranged wife of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has died. She was 52.

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    Robert Kennedy is responsible for her death as is Chery Hines.Their actions are disgusting!!!!!


    She seemed pretty happy several years ago - when she began an affair with a married/separated man, became pregnant and moved into a nice big mansion. So, that they didn't end up happy and she had drug and alcohol problems and he left her because he was trying to stay sober. That she made the decision to really get her soon-to-be ex by killing herself and leaving 4 children. maybe her meds were mixed up but she should have gotten herself together a long time ago. This is an educated woman with access, information and resources. Not to lay blame or take away from the tragedy that this. marriage, it's 50/50. period


    How do you think she (Mary) got together with him and came between Robert and his first wife. What did she think? Did she think he would be faithful to her ? He is a Kennedy , she should have known what to expect. She could have been commited to stop drinking and drugs and thought of her children.


    Cheryl Hines the ugly actress better get away from those murderers.


    Which Kennedy killed her?


    She was despondent that her husband was having an affair and probably thought she was culpable. Though I feel esp sad for their children, Mary did the EXACT thing to Emily Black, his first wife. Mary was 6 months pregnant and Robert Kennedy had only been divorced one month when they married. Did she really thing she was immune?


    I'm very sorry that Mary committed suicide, and I feel very sorry for her entire family! I admire Robert Kennedy for making a new life for himself. No one should have to be in a relationship with someone with substance abuse issues! I don't think that she was thinking clearly when she took her life. If she was in a clear state of mind, killing herself over the loss of her lifestyle and other material things makes me really question her values! I wish each of her family members, her children, and Robert the best! May she rest in peace!


    What killed Mary Kenedy is more of financial, drug and alchohol addict. When someone chose to do drug in their life, I don't really pitty for such people no matter how famous the person was.
    "Drug, Alchohol and Suicide is merely an opinion and can never happen unless you permit it" Both parties agreed to divorce, what else did you expect from RFK? Something went wrong that resulted to divorce and Mary gained custody of the four children which sounds great, Later Mary chose alchohol and drugs as the best alternative, while RFK moves on. Who was to blame?

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