Tabloid: Kristen Stewart Nearing a Total Meltdown

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We have an update on the whereabouts and the mental state of Kristen Stewart, and the latter is far from good.

According to the latest issue of Us Weekly, the actress has been crashing often at her parents' house "because they’re worried she can’t deal with this on her own."

She's also been spending a lot of time with close friend Scout Taylor Compton, who recently Tweeted support for Stewart and sent the star her very best wishes.

Kristen Stewart in Public

Yet, despite being surrounded by her loved one, Stewart remains a mess.

Insiders close to the situation tell Us Weekly that Kristen "isn't sleeping and stays up all night crying. She's close to a total meltdown. [She] can't do anything. [She's] so distraught."

It probably doesn't help that Stewart is in danger of seeing shirts that curse her off every time she leaves the house.

Do you feel at all bad for Kristen Stewart? Do you think she's being treated unfairly by the public?


Oh yeah I forgot about the "MARRIED MAN", What about this "OLD TROUT". It takes 2 ppl to tango.


Kirsten is not damaged goods lol..She is young and vibrant with the rest of her life ahead of her. Some ppl have done worse @ this time, often resorting to suicide, caus ppl like exaggerating things. It's good Kirsten is strong & around loved ones. Life goes on it's not the end of the world really!. The novelty will wear off


I'm a dye hard vampire fan & absolutely adore this couple. Kirsten,Stewart made a mistake yes. She is only human yes. Is it good gossip when having an open discussion with my neices over a cuppa hell yes. Who doesnt love romance.. The fact Kirsten was set up & caught out I believe is humiliating & thoroughly embarrassing I'm sure. But what the hell would you expect your consequences be. Learn to forgive & love yourself again. Time for a make over


Landon, she isn't even trying to get back with him, so I guess Robert will do just fine without your advice.


Everyone makes mistakes, huh? Except, in this case, Robert Pattinson. LOL! Seriously, he's being a professional and that is cool. But this girl is damaged goods, and there is no way for him to ever forget it. I am not even a Twilight fan or anything. I just happen to have seen this stuff in the news every day for a long time now. If he went back to her, not only would she do it again but the media would consistently remind him. Do the promo and move on sir. Let some other sucker deal with this girls issues.


May be when she kill or wound herself he will forgive her, That is life everything is not perfect guy frgv her u ar not in heaven


It's Britney and Justin all over again! In a couple of years she'll be shaving her head in public and end up on meds. yasdnil is right, leave her alone already. She did wrong, I think she got it.


She absolutely not a slut. They didn't sleep together but Kristen Stewart is picking up all the flack for something that a man twice her age(married with children) is getting off so lightly for. He should be taking most of the responsibility. All the people who have never even met her are writing disgusting, inarticulate and hateful comments about her. She knows what she has done and she has apologised publicly. If little girls (who think they are in love with Rob) and trashy publications don't stop goading her she will become very ill. Vile name-calling and other references are every bit as bad - if not worse - than anything she has done. I doubt Robert Pattinson would be impressed by the bile and cruelty. Just leave her alone to lick her wounds. He own guilt is enough for the time being.


She's a slut for all I care nd cheated wit a married man she's a home wrecker hope dus shit happens to her also one day if she should get married she's young pretty doin well for herself had a. Gud bfriend nd dus is d shit she pulls nonsense she's just a slut nd a. Home wrecker finish nd klaar!its people like her in hollywood who fuc up peoples marriages she deserves all crap comin her way her bfriend should lust move ones a slut always a slut she's just in a bad state now cause she got caught wht if she wasn't caught would u really hav stopped don't think so hope they used condoms by d way

Maro troublesome

i used to love kristen stewart alot ..i luv her now also but not that much ever since she cheated on innocent rob he loved her very much but she didn't realize and chose that oldy crahed by this now i think she should be ready for all this one thing i wanna say to kristen "as u sow so shall u reep" whatever u did to thay poor soul rob now u r gonna pay for it kristen .I m sorry that i am using these words for u i never wanted but u compelled me to say this .Remember one thing U hurted rob alottttt and i think u shouuld accept it now .Your this behaviour has affected u carrer alot most of ur fans don't luv u like they used to


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