Sarah Palin Reiterates Support For Chick-fil-A, May Not Understand First Amendment

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While hundreds of thousands partook in Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin repeated her support for the fast-food chain.

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    I agree, freedom of speech...but i also agree if you want change you need to let everyone know. Also, I was always taught that we have no right to judge only god has that right and we should just pray for people. So, to the Christians who are against this instead of waiting in line for hours supporting your freedom of speech, maybe you should stop judging and leave that to god and put more of your hate towards many charities that could use your time and money. But, truly I think it was all pr work to make worked!


    Well... As long as your happy... That's what matters most.


    @???- according to you I'm gay, 'black,' male, support Obama, live in the Midwest, bankrupt, jealous & rejected. ROFL My race, gender & orientation have nothing to do w/ it-my beliefs aren't based in fear. I use one name, never said I support Obama or where I live. I'm onsabbatical. As for jealousy & rejection-well, that's yours- based on your beliefs of yourself. The biased bigotry you use as 'reasoning' is unintelligent rambling that's way too old & tired to even merit a reply. *yawn*


    I'm not boycotting CFA due to Cathy's views. I'm boycotting because a percentage of the money I give that restaurant is going to hate groups. Plain and simple, I don't want even the slightest connection with them. He's free to his opinion, I won't hate him for it, but I damn sure won't give him my money to use in anyone's anti-freedom campaign.


    I cannot tolerate vulgarity. You need your mouth cleaned out with soap.... Or dog shit, either way would be an improvement. Jealous Palin haters, soooo predictable!


    71% of black mothers have children out of wedlock so marriage (2 parents) could be benifiting. Who is it- who do you think u are? Your pie hole runs constantly with your holiday accusations. who told you you know anything about history? are u black? you sound like an idiot writing a jr. High paper on the evolution of life. ur stupid beyond help. put your mothers computer down and go outside and play.


    @ Who is it- it's all about the money with you people isn't it. You have a jealous streak in you/ I can see that. You also are one that has been rejected and your new found security blanket is gay rights and this so called movement. When do you plan on boycotting black churches, they don't approve of gays you know? I can't wait till the kissing takes place and charges are filed for public indecency. Personally I just think patrons should pull them out of the seat by their ear and escort them outside. Germ free atmosphere is a must these days. Your bitter and you have been left behind by mainstream America. Do you think you are in a position to raid the American way of life? Tradition? You spend a lot of time on these gay topics don't you? I fear that no one any longer has interest in your words. Stay out of middle America, you won't be welcome.


    You can't even post a comment without thinking of Matt? It must be hard to keep up with all those users- of yours? You do realize your hitting a brick wall with this Chick-Fil-A thing - right? We ain't budging. Are you OBSSESSED with me? You are a nobody whoever you may be! You fools are making Palin a national hero. Seriously- you gays need to pick a fight you can win. I realize you think you have a president who cares. The only reason your still in the palm of his hand is because he's waiting on another bus to drive by- then there you go.


    Hey, @bottom feeder, oops sorry, @Matt, we've really missed your
    brilliant comment. How's you're cousin? Gosh, I mean wife?
    Ya might wanna come up w/ somethin a lil more're sso duh duh dumb ya can't even figger out my name. Maybe my misspelling & slang has made it easier for you to comprehend the english langauge.


    @mcnaughton-I doubt palin & cruz are bright enough to even realize this. They'd rather count their money & spout (like many gop's) out whatever serves them getting elected or bigoted ignorance they decide will best keep them in the media.

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