Ryan Lochte Mystery Woman: Actually His Sister!

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While Michael Phelps' girlfriend Megan Rossee is the primary tabloid focus at the Olympics this week, the mystery woman partying with Ryan Lochte and sitting on his lap on the ride back from a club is generating major buzz as well.

Bad news first, ladies: Ryan Lochte has a very long-term relationship with her.

The good news: It's actually his older sister, Megan! You still have a shot!

Ryan Lochte Drunk

Megan Lochte Torrini, 32, and her low-cut top were erroneously assumed to be a groupie or love interest for the swimmer ... pretty funny.

"Ryan Lochte celebrates with boobs in his face" was the general theme of captions for the above photo on celebrity gossip sites this week.

The moral of the story?

Sometimes a cute girl sitting on the lap of the US' most eligible bachelor is merely doing so because tons of drunk people are piling into one cab and there's like no room ... not necessarily because she's looking for some action.

Lesson learned.

Ryan Lochte Sister

In actual SWAG news, check out these Megan Rossee photos! Whenever Ryan does get into the dating pool, Michael has set the bar pretty high. Just saying.

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Duh, looks like Lochte w/ long hair and boobs.