Robert Pattinson to Move Back to London?

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As previously reported, Robert Pattinson wants to sell the home he shared with Kristen Stewart.

Because it reminds him too much about his adulterous ex? Partly. But also because Robert is "thinking long and hard about returning to London," an insider tells Radar.

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Pattinson "never fell in love with Los Angeles," the source adds, and was actually reminded of how much he loves England when he visited Stewart there during her filming of Snow White and the Huntsman. Ironic, we know.

“Despite making friends in America, Robert longs just to have a pint with the mates he grew up with in a local west London pub. He’s just a regular guy," reports Radar. "He misses [his family] very much and they’ve said they’d welcome him back with open arms."

Well... d'uh! Why wouldn't they?

While he determines where to go next, at least Pattinson might have another romantic option to consider. Sources say Rihanna has been texting the star!


That' is ther best news I've heard, Robert Pattinson go back to London stay there. We don't need any more Brits in the U.S. You got wealthly, now go sing , play produce in your country. I use to like you, but now I can't wait to never see you adain.


Just a thought, maybe Rob should have "Put a Ring On It. As we know, many guys and gals just wait too long and something inevitably goes wrong that might not kill a marraige, but is so much easier to walk away from, without the commitment of the "RING" Seriously, how long does it take to know what you really want, and how long do you hold something against a person you really love. Just a thought or two, although I have many. LOL


I am sick to death of all these people (well meaning, or not), telling Rob Pattenson NOT to go back to Kristen. Maybe he should, and maybe not, but I hate to see sisters and friends telling a grown man what to do. In fact, I think it would do both Rob and Kristen some good to get face to face and actually talk. I have a feeling there may have been very little talking going on for some time. If someone you love messes up, even big time, you don't have to throw the baby out with the bath water. I am really tired of the judgmental peanut gallery bashing this young woman, who, as far as I know, has no other blots on her record, so to speak. She should not be wearing a Scarlet letter, visible or invisible. I also wonder, if there was any time in this relationship that Kristen felt insecure due to other females.


please rob
don't go to londen
Us is your home
Marry him kristen
Rob adores you. From holland (the netherlands


Guys don't let media destroy you life
I hope kristen and rob work things out they belong together.
stay strong guys.
Rob and Kristen i love you so very mutch From holland (the netherlands)


i may nt b an expert bt here's my analysis on the k-stew drama.i think rob wants 2 get back wit k-stew bt his fear of disappointing his fans and frends is gettin in the way of 4 rihanna,i think its good dat she's tryin 2 cheer rob up bt i think we ol knw dat the 1 who really needs cheerin up is k-stew.she's the one who's gettin ol the negative energy so its ironical that riri is cheerin 4 k-stew there r lots of guys out there u'l find sum1 else 4 God sake so STOp torturing urself!


Wow. Myat thandar Lynn- I am worried about you. Get a grip on reality, girl! These are people that you DO NOT KNOW. I understand that you have feelings of admiration for celebrities, everyone has a favorite actor they like, but no ones life should revolve around them. They are just people like you and me.


Do what you need to do to stay SANE!!!! Some R & R with your family n close friends who knows you well. Getting your personal business together. Maybe Kristen will come crawlin', if she is sincere. The question Rob would you give her a SECOND CHANCE? If you do, you need to put your foot down and lay it on the line about the relationship. Well Wishes to Rob!


What a brilliant idea, get back to the real world as you know it, not all of the b.s and back stabbing that makes up the movie scene there. Stay there long enough and they will convince you that K.S didn't have a mind of her own when she made that concious decision to have a little fling with the older guy, what I don't get is though, a lot of well known celebrities, have been caught out doing something that they shouldn't, but didn't feel the need for a public apology. Does she think that she is so important that she felt only a public apology, like the sort top politicians or royalty do was the answer. News Flash you are not all that did was to humiliate the one person you say you love, in fact if I was you I would be sacking the publicist for giving you such a bum steer.



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