Robert Pattinson to Sell Kristen Stewart Love Shack

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Robert Pattinson just can't bear it any longer. The kitchen where they cooked, the pool where they swam, the bedroom where they... you know.

There are simply "too many memories" inside the Los Angeles home the actor shared with Kristen Stewart, a source tells Us Weekly, and as a result he's putting it on the market.

Robert Pattinson Cracks Up

The estranged couple moved in to the $6.3 million house (which was once owned by Noah Wyle) about a year ago. It sits on a half acre of land and could now make for the greatest keepsake of all-time for one very wealthy Twilight Saga fan.

As for the status or Rob and Kristen? This news doesn't bode well for their future as a couple.

Pattinson has refused to discuss the scandal in public, while Stewart continues to be the victim of public scorn and ridicule.

"Rob doesn't hate her and he's not mad," an insider tells the tabloid. "He just doesn't get why she did it. He loves her and thinks about her constantly."

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I Love Reading About Robert Patterson and Kirstain Steward Please keep me informed about there love Realationship if they seperate there love from each other , it would be most wonderfull for them to , to stay togerther as A couple


I hope kristen and rob are married in real life
And that she's pregnant
love you guys (From The nederlands) from holland


I think Rob's really sweet. ITs hard to luv someone. Even after they cheat on u. Its surprising that he's nt mad at her. Oh well.
Its their life n who am i to interfere?


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but be honest to yourself.
.....DOES SHE EVER THINK ABOUT YOU? don't think so.
I can't blame her.


If he loves her and thinks about her constantly, then he really needs to get with her and talk it out. He doesn't have to be with her in the end, but they really do need to talk about things.


I can't believe research would be required on a "gossip" website, that is investing yourself in a story!


:L @michelle that sounds more like it


Michelle u are rite! Thank God that there are still ppl who understands, this two had d best relationship ever... If they are no longer 2gether that means they think that is d best thing 2 do, not bcos k kissed a guy thats why R or they ended d relationship, they are done with them self already... Pls u guys should understand that!

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