Prince Harry: Royal Disgrace or Coolest Guy Ever?

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Prince Harry's nude pic scandal will certainly result in a tongue-lashing from his royal elders as well as likely disciplinary action from his commanding officers.

But is it really that bad?

Now that photos of a Prince Harry naked and playing strip billiards in Las Vegas have been seen far and wide, his reputation will never be the same.

The question is whether it's conduct unbecoming of a prince, or proof of how down-to-earth, fun-loving and well, normal he is, despite his upbringing?

Prince Harry at the Olympics

Some royal watchers think Harry being caught with his pants down, literally, gives the 27-year-old an "endearing" quality, but others see it differently.

British journalist Martin Bashir said his countrymen may not stand for their tax money going to protect members of the Royal Family who do ... that.

CNN's Piers Morgan didn't go that far, but opined that privately, "the Queen will tell him this is a bit unseemly for a senior member of the royal family."

Harry is also "likely to get a kicking from his commanding officer," Morgan says, as the British army won't be too keen on the "embarrassment factor."

Understandable ... to a point. In all honesty, though, what did he do that was so bad? And had his handlers been on the ball, would pics have even gotten out?

Maybe his antics could even help the rep of the stuffy fam in an ironic way. Royals. They're Just Like Us. Only Slightly Crazier and Even More Fun.

You tell us: Prince Harry ...


He is just like every other male, a pig. The difference is that he is Royalty and granny will have a fit and it will hit the papers and get all blown up and we'll hear about it for weeks and it will die down soon. Who cares.
Actually, I think he kinda hot. Not marriage material though...


royal punk my ass


74% of the responders think that this goofball is 'cool'? That just goes to show you how dumbed down people are.....sad!


he is only human,nd is not above mistake.he sleeps with women not like gay men who re respected with their immoralities while they fuck mens anus to glorify their positions as knights of the queens table.if we condemn him what will we say about elliton john,leader of the u.b 40 group.if gay men re to be celebrated,then britain is in trouble,the prince should be adviced not blamed bcos no one is beyond mistake,even the queen was one time accused of shop lifting-dont know how true


Most reasonable people will be on Harry's side. He is extremely popular, does a great deal for charities, served in Afghanistan, is fun but also knows how to behave in any public circumstances. The person who should be hauled over the coals is the one who sold the photographs of him during a private break. The only mistake Harry made was to be too friendly to a bunch of strangers in a city where all hell breaks loose most days. Leave him alone - he has absolutely nothing to apologise for and he deserves his own private time to unwind and go wild sometimes - he's a young man, let him behave like one on the odd occasion. I'm British and very proud of him.


Why would they bash him? He was having fun at a private party, doing things that wasn't meant for any one to see but the people in the room. Its not his fault that some dishonest person showed the photos to paparazzi to make a quick buck


I love that NO MATTER "WHO" HE IS, HE STILL IS; "WHO HE IS!" ;) Cheers Harry! Glad to see there was NO STICK up that arse! Be who you are. Everyone else can just deal.


@Betty - there are a few reasons that men are more free to disrobe than women, there are differences in response, I don't think it's too hopelessly outdated to say that. Although he is hot and all, I doubt that the girls had quite the same reaction as the guys would to a naked girl.


He's cool and sexy.......he's just being honest.


although he's just a prince but he is also a human..he didn't mean to bring royal such a disgrace because it happens in private room..royal should take care the person that took this photo..

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