Prince Harry Nude Pic Fallout: Royal Family FURIOUS With Handlers

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The royal family is said to be livid over Prince Harry's nude photo scandal, but is as furious with Harry's security detail as with the wild child himself.

The night of the Vegas hotel party, which ended with Prince Harry naked all over the web, began with Will's brother hanging with two male friends.

After some drinks, they decided to bring some girls they met back to Harry's VIP suite at Encore, and that's when Harry's people dropped the ball.


The women were NOT asked to surrender their phones, which should really be standard procedure and constitutes an epic failure on his handlers' part.

Especially given Harry's well-documented wild side, the royals are irate that his minders were apparently enjoying the party and not protecting him.

Eventually, the clothes came off and photos were taken, in plain view of the handlers no less, yet Harry's people were either clueless or careless.

Pissed as they are at Harry - William is not impressed, for one - the family members are equally furious that his team acted like a bunch of amateurs.

Expect Harry, 27, to be in the royal doghouse for a LONG time over this, but he'll come out of it fine ... his security team is another story.

Check out the pics after the jump if you missed them:

Naked Prince Harry
Prince Harry Naked

No word on whether nude Prince Harry got any phone numbers that night.

Prince Harry:

[Photos: WENN, TMZ]


Camwra phones not trust anyone .


What happened in Vegas unfortunately didn't stay in Vegas,. He's 27 and he's a royal and on top of that he's human, and his staffs ? They didn't do their jobs well..... I wonder why ?


Kayla, perfectly nailed it dead on the head!!!!! That stuffy-ass and insufferable Royal Family needs to get the FUCK over themselves!!!!! There are SO MANY family skeletons in their own closets that (to me) the closets resemble a fucking cemetery...LOL!!!!! Peace.


Only if I can be there!


Woo Hoo! Way 2 go HO Bag loser chicks. Is this what represents our women 2 the rest of the world?


What's the problem ? If was in the company of sheep I'd be concerned. Being a Prince brings a lot of tension........ Let the guy have some fun !


Let him enjoy himself!..I know if I could I sure would! ....he didn't hurt nobody he was having some fun! ..chillax queen!


Ok he is 27 and single. Why cant he have a night to enjoy his life? His life has revolved around rules and tradition for so long. He should be able to enjoy himself like everyone else. Its a shame that what happened in Vegas didnt stay in Vegas.


Oh let him have fun. And for those who think he's too old for this stuff, you are forgetting he has had security etc stuck up his ass his whole life. Good for him for cutting loose! Its just a shame he couldnt trust those around him not to exploit him. Its gotta suck to not be able to have fun w friends and not have his ... ummm.... business spread everywhere


Leave the guy alone! He had fun, there's nothing wrong with what he did. He never asked to be royal. I say do it again and take more pics! ;)