Oscar Pistorius Twitter Photo: Prepare to Be Inspired

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Oscar Pistorius of South Africa may not have captured a medal at the London Olympics, but you'd be hard pressed to find a bigger winner at the games, or in life.

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    be nice if people actually acknowledged the Daily Mail's chief sports photographer, Andy Hooper who took these iconic images ansd no one seems to acknowledge that let alone possibly his oer the paper's ownership of copyright.


    He is hot lol.


    Seth, you obviously have deep seated issues about your condition which is exactly why Oscar is diffferent from you. He does not feel sorry for himself, he lives with it in a sensible and inspirational way.

    Do you have issues with the little gal's running legs? Pathetic . Take care of your soul!


    @seth- His legs actually provide no net advantage. Multiple studies have been conducted to determine the advantage he might/might not have as a result of wearing these running legs. The first determined that he had an advantage when running in one direction once speed has already been gained, but the second revealed a disadvantage that he faces (beside the obvious challenges with balance, etc) at the starting block, while gaining speed, and around corners. Which in his event, is enough of the race to consider is participation completely ethical.


    that dude gives all amputees a bad name, as a fellow amputee i can tell you he gets a major advantage over real runners...it takes no calories to store energy in flexed carbon like it does in muscle, and it's much easier to swing a leg that weighs 1/4 what a normal persons legs weigh... he needs to stop pretending he doesn't have an advantage. of course normal people coddle him cause they would feel like a dick to point out his obvious advantage, that's why we amputee's need to stand up and tell this clown to stop pretending he is at the same level as real Olympic runners who don't have hyper-light carbon fiber legs that never get cramped or burn a fraction of the calories that a real runner does...

    and why is a 4 year old using specialized running legs? PR stunt, when i was a child i was told to concentrate on my every day prosthetic device, learn balance and coordination first because running or swimming legs are best suited for young adults and up...


    The Olympians are a fantastic example to us all. For the duration of the event we are able to see people who undergo gruelling training for many hours in the day to reach their goal. Their work ethic is phenominal and shows in a clear light what hard work is all about. It is a shining example to those hooked on X-Factor, Big Brother, etc. that hard work and ambition is the way forward - not instant celebrity which usually only lasts for a few months and is usually talentless.


    Nice picture


    I'm frm south africa and we are so proud of him...he'll be a champion forever.


    Love it!!! He is such an inspiration to everyone

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