Mitt Romney Introduces Paul Ryan as "The Next President of the United States"

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Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan for Vice President this morning, and apparently thinks very highly of him, as Paul received a promotion within five minutes!

Okay, not really, but in introducing the Wisconsin Congressman and rising GOP star to a Norfolk, Va., crowd, Romney finished his remarks with a gaffe:

"Join me in welcoming the next President of the United States, Paul Ryan!"

Of course ... if President Obama wins reelection, then Ryan wins the White House in 2016, Romney could be proven correct! Chances are that's not what he meant.

Mitt caught his error as Ryan made his way to the podium, then joked that "every now and then I've been known to make a mistake ... I didn't make one with this guy."

"I can tell you this, he's going to be the next Vice President of the United States."

Ryan and his budget-cutting ideas have the potential to transform the 2012 race; both parties responded to his nomination with a "game on" approach.

Support for the mix of spending cuts and tax cuts proposed by Ryan, 42, has become a litmus test on the right, and opposing them a rallying cry on the left.

What do you think: Is Paul Ryan a good choice for V.P.?


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@Canadian 101....What exactly does "God" have to do with your post?Just curious.........


Canada 101...take a USA 101 course. We gave you of American cars are made up there...we sent you the opportunities to have jobs! Can you spell t-h-a-n-k-s??? Really, why do the Canadians get so very opinionated about the politics of the USA? What personal investment you do have in it? I don't lose sleep over Canadian politics! I could care less. I'm NOT a Canadian....are you? I mean....REALLY?!?


I've never commented on this site before but wtf! You keep us afloat? USA would be screwed without canada !! You are just a ignorant stupid American who actually probably believes that we live in igloos haha god pick up a book sometime learn about what's going on in the world


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Both Democrats and Republicans irritate me greatly. Like most reasonable people, I fall in that middle bracket. I'm probably a fiscal conservative and social liberal. However, I have a major problem with fiscal conservatives who want to eliminate saftey nets for the most vulnerable. And thats where this Ryan guy loses me. Scrap medicare AND social security? Seriously?? Shall we also shuffle our elderly into the ocean? There has to be a minimum net for some people. Anyway, now I know how to vote.


Waiting lists? I've never waited and I use the system regularly as I have a health condition. Totally free, no charge. The seniors in my region hook their 40 foot 5th wheels to their Cummins duallys and winter in Phoenix. America is a poorly educated 3rd world country that breeds spree killers.


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great another bush to screw everyone again *sigh* will noone ever learn, christ every republican in office has screwed us every time, and don't give me no reagan crap, his fault were having an iranian problem, in the 80's he fed iran weapons

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