Michelle Obama Depicted as Slave on Spanish Magazine Cover: WTH?!?

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Fuera de Serie, a Spanish magazine, has sparked controversy with its new cover depicting Michelle Obama as a 19th Century French slave. Seriously.

The First Lady of the United States' face is superimposed over "Portrait d'une négresse," a famous painting by French artist Marie-Guillemine Benoist.

The painting from 1800 depicted a female French slave in a headdress and white gown, one breast exposed. Now Michelle Obama is shown as such:

Michelle Obama Topless Slave Cover

The painting was finished just six years after France's abolition of slavery and has been regarded by art historians as a commentary on both sexism and racism.

Not surprisingly, the image has many critics in the U.S. and Europe wondering if the cover was designed to be more provocative than political ... ya think?!

For its part, the magazine lauds Michelle Obama as the "gran mujer" (great woman) behind her powerful husband. An excerpt of the cover story reads:

"In the shadow of the U.S. President is a person whose popularity ratings exceed those of Barack’s own. This person is none other than his wife Michelle."

"To find out how Michelle has managed to seduce the American people, [we] detail the secrets of a woman who has won [America's hearts]."

Many believe it smacks of racism and reinforces the historical denial of black female individuality, but artist Karine Percheron-Daniels stands by it.

In fact, she thinks Michelle would "love" the picture and would love to show it to Mrs. Obama one day. We wouldn't hold our breath if we were Karine.

What do you think of this Michelle Obama cover?


Is she a slave? Not at all. It IS offensive to me, obviously by the poll a vast majority of the American people, and I'm sure definitively by Michelle. Most of you bitches have no clue on when to stop and just be satisfied instead of spreading your pain & hate, it's disgusting.


When you put our country in the toilet you get what you deserve. And, I have a pretty strong feeling she's already a slave to him and the White House.


not he NOR she would look good on ANY magazine cover!!!! beauty comes from within and they are BOTH downright UGLY inside.........

Wv peach

Pedro, you should learn proper grammar before trying to put someone down. Your comment is stupid at best.


The reactions of American bloggers and other people in the U.S. , are typically from people who does'nt known the complete names of their grandparent's grandparents.


That's good that you can post under my name but I would still buy a copy of the National Geographic with Michele on the cover with deflated, tube-sock titties!!!


That's a good one allsaints45. Ur so cool u know how to post under my screen name.


I would buy a copy of Nat Geo if Michele was on the cover holding a livestock with her tube sock teets exposed!

Wv peach

@Chely: it's awful isn't it!! I know this site is intended for gossip and light-hearted humor, but it always turns into a redneck-fest. I'm just waiting for "you know who" to start some bullshit too.


U know how it goes peach. They have to lie to make excuses for their hate. Like I said allsaints ur still a bitch.

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