Michael Phelps' Mom Reacts to Second-Place Finish

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You can't blame Michael Phelps' mom Debbie for thinking he had this one.

The best swimmer ever held a half body-length lead in the final 15 meters of Tuesday's 200-meter butterfly, a race he hadn't lost in a major competition since 2001, when he obliterated the world record he still holds.

Even down to the final milliseconds, Phelps appeared to have the edge over South Africa's Chad le Clos, but the latter timed his "touch" of the wall perfectly to stun Michael - and Debbie, who momentarily celebrated.

Watch her reaction as she learns her boy won silver, not gold ...

Everyone watching at the London Aquatic Center and at home on TV did pretty much the same thing, of course, just without TV cameras on us.

Supportive parent that she is, Debbie Phelps clapped for Michael's silver anyway, despite her shock and disappointment. It was a nice moment.

One he somewhat made up for later in the day as well.

Despite being a bit off his otherworldly pace from 2008, Phelps broke the all-time Olympic medal record by helping the U.S. score another relay victory.


It was so obvious when watching her reaction last night, but we all though Michael had it.. he was ahead, then coasted then the last second :( oh well, i bet he always punches forward on the wall from here on out, like his training buddy, Missy Franklin does. YAY USA!!! he is still most decorated olympian


What a close race! It really seemed like he won the gold, however, silver is still an amazing feat. He obviously didn’t let this get him down, as he went on to win the gold a little later in the day, and become one of the greatest Olympians in the world. A co-worker at Dish thinks that Michael will go on to win more medals before the Olympics are done. I am just glad that I recorded this race on my Hopper, I was able to watch the it without commercials and I have 2,000 hours of storage space for my other favorite events. Though she seemed disappointed by silver, I’m sure Mrs. Phelps couldn’t be prouder of her son at the moment.


Her face when she realized it. I could've just died XD It was nice that she clapped afterwards of course but she kinda looked pissed/bored. I don't really respect Phelps very much anymore but it's nice his mom is still so supportive


Well of course she was disappointed he didn't get the gold. She was still proud of his silver medal win. Congrats Phelps, last night proves you still got it going on with your Olympic medal record :)

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