Lindsay Lohan Interviewed in Burglary Investigation

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If the headline above involved any other celebrity, you'd totally be like whoa.

When it's Lindsay Lohan, you barely even blink. Her parents must be proud.

The troubled star was interviewed by police Monday regarding an apparent burglary at a Hollywood Hills home, but she insists she had nothing to do with it.

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Lindsay slept over at the home in question Sunday after a get together, along with several guests. Expensive jewelry was reported missing in the morning.

Law enforcement sources say they were dispatched to the home and interviewed everyone inside, including none other than occasional criminal Lindsay Lohan.

The actress was cooperative but claimed she had nothing to do with any missing jewelry and NOT considered a suspect. The investigation is ongoing.

We'll give her the benefit of the doubt in this case, but you have to wonder how one individual ends up in so many situations like this to begin with.



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Not too surprised ---- She's a good actress remember!! Denial is in her genes!! Wish she'd stop all the nonsense and get on with her career and her life. She has a lot to be grateful for and doesn't need to continue with juvenile tendencies. We want to see her acting for real on screen, etc, not reacting to criminal activities! She resembles Liz Taylor also. They have nothing in common other than that.


She needs to get her shit together and stop hanging around with criminals. You hang with shit you smell like shit


If it walks and quacks like a duck it is a duck quack quack


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