Lady Gaga: New Tattoo, Album Title Revealed?

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Lady Gaga tweeted a pic of her new tattoo this morning, along with a possible hint that the fresh ink also represents the name of her forthcoming album.

Along with the pic below, Gaga Tweeted "New Ink, New Album," to her 27 million-plus followers, sparking rumors that the tat may have special meaning.

It says ARTPOP. Think that'll be her follow-up to Born This Way?

Lady Gaga ArtPop Tattoo

The singer, who is still promoting 2011's smash BTW in Europe, also has her new, signature fragrance coming out, as evidenced by a deluge of ads for Fame.

She said earlier that she will "shed light" on her next album in September.

Little Monsters will have to wait until then for more details, but until then, feel free to speculate (and browse many Lady Gaga pictures) on THG!


ARTPOP isnt the the the name of the next album!!! BUT i will give you some hints about the new album..... :"we could we could be together" is some lyrics. Dont say im lying. She hasnt givin any more hints about the new album....sorry!!!! :( once i know more i promice il tell (mabye i dont know) hope that helped a little...bye now


Why do you feel the need to bash her? I'm a huge fan and I just don't get it why people have to throw cheap and tacky insults at her. If you don't like her that's cool, your not any less of a person to me. Just move on and do your own thing if you dislike and are annoyed by her so much. And I can assure you as much as you may want her gone or dead... She's not going anywhere. In my opinion I think many people are angry and jealous of her because she's doing things, saying things, in different ways that they can't are too afraid to. Face it she doesn't give a rats @$$ about what people in general think of her and people are intimidated by that. I can't wait for her album to come out.


YUK!! MUCH rather listen to you tube Sensation Sara Niemietz, whos been on Elllen, recorded a new dvd/cd combo with Richard Marx, is recordeing a new album with BJ Thomas, and has her own new ep out Push Play. Shes AMAZING! ! CHECK HER WEBSITE SARA NIENIETZ.COM or go to her you tube channel Sara Niemietz! You will be in awe! Thanx


I dont consider myself to have a low IQ and neither do my 5 A*s. But thats just your opinion, I think that little monsters are amazing, they are an amazing fanbase who are trying to come together to help being equality for the gays and many other things.


This woman is a freak clown and seems to have said all she has to say musically on her first two singles four years ago. She has become a cartoon caricature of herself and worn out her welcome with the public, with her ridiculous costumes and makeup and her "little monsters. Next!


foul as west-kardashian, and your kids are listening, watching and acting like these people f$%kin nasty, in a bad way.


artpop? really lady diptard ...your no godamn artist..just an ugly whore

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