Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney: Naked, Kissing in Swimming Pool!

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Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney are going strong these days.

The star left no doubt about that with a photo she posted for her fans, clearly showing the couple wearing very little and kissing in a swimming pool.

Gaga's social networking site for fans, LittleMonsters (dot) com, has become a hub of "art, acceptance, monsters, and Gaga." Sums it up basically.

Check out the latest pic, showing them naked or darn close:

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Naked

In recent weeks, we've been treated to pics of Lady Gaga naked and having a slumber party with Lindsay Lohan (not at the same time, fortunately).

This one may take the cake, though. Taylor Kinney is quite a catch, with or without a bathing suit. Gaga snared herself a certified hunk right there.

Kinney and Gaga met on the set of her video for "You and I." The model and actor has been on Vampire Diaries and will soon star on Chicago Fire.

Appropriate, for one-half of this red-hot smoldering couple, if you catch our drift. Our drift here is that the NBC program is about firefighters.


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only guy i want 2 see her naked in a pool with is me.


I think u guys luk amazing 2gether,bt da nude picture...


This is the type of person who wants attention. I'm just not a fan. :-l


Not everybody wants to see someone naked or half naked in a damn pool, let alone showing it to the whole world. Somethings should be keep behind closed doors.


What a bunch of cynical comments (but I suppose it is Hollywood Gossip). It seems to some people who have posted here that looks, money and fame are everything. Heaven forbid if two people actually like each other. If they did, it wouldn't fit into your muddied mindsets at all. Noone can take away the striding creativity of Gaga (not to mention the devotion to her fans) but posting unhelpful, spiteful comments seems to be about as creative as you can get. I know who wins this one.


What a bunch of narcissistic egomaniacs . . . having a photographer shoot a 'candid' for you to post on the net. I hate all this social media crp . . and everyone thinking they have to live their lives for the world to see or as as if every 'move' is for publicity. What the hell happened to quiet humility?


lady gaga need a man any way,but love you. GO GAGA!


does anyone seriously believe he is attracted to her?? uggh. he's wayyy out of her league looks-wise. i give him credit for being able to keep up the charade, but then again, he is an actor!


It is amazing what a lot of money and some fame can buy for you....

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