Lady Gaga: Naked for Her Little Monsters!

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Lady Gaga isn't wearing any especially ridiculous hats, nor is she crawling out of an egg on stage, but the singer has still managed to shock fans with the get-up she's donning in a just-released fansite photo:

Her birthday suit.

The artist is as naked as it gets in the following picture, which she posted to and which includes the caption: "Resting after Barney's Gaga Workshop opening in NY."

Well, sure. Isn't this how we all rest?

Lady Gaga Naked Photo

Gaga has never been shy about her nude form.

She appears that way in a new ad for the fragrance Fame and also on the cover of Rolling Stone.

Elsewhere, Gaga recently landed he first film role as La Chameleon in director Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills. She's even featured on a poster for the action thriller.


i like lady gaga
she is very funny
love you gaga angie


I like lady Ga Ga.
I think she is a fine lady,We should have more like her I have watched
her concerts,and look forward to the next one.
I think some people should get off her case she can't help being what
nature gave her any more than me I have the highest respect for her.


for all ur info she was not naked she had a thong on.


And we care......because?!?


Yeahh.. As much as I love the Gaga.. I don't really need to be seeing her baby-maker


K but does people have 2 be so mean? saying they r going 2 vomit honestly? i will never take a nude pic of me then put in on a website cuz yeah i have dignity! she is courageous to do this, to assume her body no need 2 be mean


Ok, so she can post a naked picture of herself, but does she needs to flash her V at us :(? I'm sure there are more tasteful way of nuke picture posting than this... A scream for attention act? And no, we are not jealous of her, and most of us don't go take nude picture and post on a public website because we have dignity, and we are not attention seeking moron


Satan's wife? wake up @Omg! i dont understand y u dont want her 2 come dats so weird!


heard shz planning 2 come south africa. hopefully if we have it our way she'll stay da fuck way from us. satan's child iz not welcome screw u and ur tour bitch



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