Kris Humphries on Kayla Goldberg Herpes Lawsuit: BOGUS!

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It has come down to this for Kris Humphries:

The New Jersey Nets power forward, who is still engaged in a divorce battle with Kim Kardashian and who was allegedly blackmailed earlier this summer by semi-hot fling Myla Sinanaj, has denied giving Kayla Goldberg herpes.

Humphries tells Gossip Cop the allegation - made public by Goldberg this week in a lawsuit filed against the professional baller - is "100 percent" false.

Happy Kris Humphries

It's unclear whether Kris really did get it on with Kayla in 2010, as she claims, but his rep refers to the herpes accusation as "completely bogus" and adds as clearly as possible:

Humphries is “100 percent sure [Kayla] did not contract [herpes] from him."

The rep also says Goldberg threatened Kris at some point in the last year with this lawsuit unless he forked over $1 million. Also worth noting, and not included in the original report?

There are four other unnamed defendants in the documents who Goldberg claims may have given her the STD. Look for Humphries to be "relentless" in his fight against this suit, the rep concludes.


This guy is a bully, liar and big time manipulator. Of course he wont admit to having herpes. He has no respect for women amd there is no bottem as to how far he will go to make himself look good. He is diagusting.


Grace, how can this ogre blame bad publicity on the fact that he married Kim? Most of u ppl who r his followers act like he is a saint. The fact that he is getting bad publicity is bcuz he is doing everything he can to drag he can to drag out this divorce. And now this woman is accusimg him of giving her herpes. Not everyome is going to say poor hump and hold his hand and blame his misfortunes on someome else. Things are coming up to show how much of a jerk he really is.


The girl is nuts kim would have it to oh ya she probably has all the vds.


this girl is a f*kn idiot.
Not only has she just told everyone she has herpes but she looks like a total f*kn slut.


be strong kris,i believe you


I believe him. However whether the story is bogus people will still make fun of him on and off the courts. Kris must be very sorry he married Kim.


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