Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Star in Video Music Awards Commercial

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Apparently Kanye West and his "Perfect Bitch" can actually do something aside from pose for the paparazzi.

In a new spot for the MTV Video Music Awards, Kanye and Kim Kardashian are actually seen interacting for the first time (for marketing purposes, of course), as they appear opposite comedian/event host Kevin Hart. The subject of the commercial?

Threesomes and couple nicknames, of course. Topics very close to Kim's heart.

Watch now and learn what moniker Hart wants to give the three, along with the way in which the conversation somehow turns to white hoods and KKK. Does this make you want to watch the VMAs on September 6? Or bludgeon your TV screen with a sledge hammer?

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Star in Video Music Awards Commercial
I ain't get no doubt it's the best thing i saw


I love u kim en ur da perfect swthrt for kanye guys stop hating..




kim all i hav to say is u;r a stupid whore!!!..nd u only dating kayne for his money nd his so blind coz he are pretty nd he neva had sex of dated some1 as goodlooking as jst so u knw u still a BITCH


theres notin wrong in kim & her family. every family have their short comings, they went public wit theirs so we learn


OMG, she is right where she started from,"BED" old habits r hard 2 break away from!!!! But I guess she duz have 2 win back her popularity after the humphrey scandel!!!!


Stop Hating on Kim K and Kanye they both have mad SWAG. Let them be!!


She's not a whore fuck all of y'all! Peace


@To lana (person afraid to use their real name) - your post speaks for itself and shows just what a piece of garbage you are. I can see why you would be a fan of Kim. BTW, I feel very sorry for your mother. She must be very ashamed of you.
- Lana


Yeah lana u can call her a whore all u want....shez exctly a whore just like your mom!!.....who the hell are u to judge her..i mean can u be anymre stupid?....i wonder what you like and do....actually only a whore knows her kind when she sees one