June Shannon, Mother of Honey Boo Boo, Broke the Law in 2008

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In March, the parents of Alana "Honey Boo" Thompson, were reportedly visited by Family and Children Services, who somehow did NOT find a reason to prosecute June Shannon and her husband "Sugar Bear."

Despite, among many other reasons, that one of them is named Sugar Bear.

But we can now confirm that June has a separate criminal history, as she was arrested in 2008 in Henry County, Georgia.

The 33-year old was booked on counts of contempt of court and theft. Not much information is available aside from the charges themselves, but her mug shot has been located - and it's a classic:

June Shannon Mug Shot

“You have to take pride in how you look," June said on a recent Here Comes Honey Boo episode. "Granted, I ain’t the most beautimous out the box, but a little paint on this barn, shine it back to its original condition. Cause it shines up like it’s brand new.

"There’s a lot of people that are bigger than me. They got five hundred chins. I only got about two or three, but I embrace it.”

We really can't add anything to that quote. It speaks for itself.

Basse krokke

Really, Hollywood Gossip? Your writers could not be lazier or less witty.


I am sure you have heard all the controversy over the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, well they have recently posted a message on their FB page asking people to send in toys and canned goods for a christmas charity drive to donate to a charity called Wilco Luvs Kids. Here's my issue, people are sending in cash/cheques, we are talking in the 10's of thousands, and they have no charity ID nor are they offering tax receipts. When I asked on their FB page 'Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo)' about this my comment was deleted and I was blocked. The site did respond in general saying that the charity was started by a friend of June Shannon's by the name of Wanda Dean and that Wanda was the President & Founder of this charity. There is no record of this charity existing anywhere nor is it list in the Georgia phone directory. This was the response to my post on the FB site Here Comes Honey Boo Boo........Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) we don't have no reason to have the tax id or anything like that, so again that would be something WANDA would give you which is why I said to contact her. Weather you do or not, could care less we'll cont to help those in need regurdless of what you two think. Have a good night!.........I did check the FB site she posted but it was a personal site for Wanda Dean and the only thing that told me was Wanda "likes" Caesar Casino, June Shannon FB page and a few politcians.
All I wanted to know is why they are collecting cash/cheques with no accountibility as to where the money is being allocated, and without Government charity ID# and why they will not give people a tax receipt for income tax purposes to be used as a deduction, after all they are collecting in the $10,000.'s.
Only reason I am suspicious is beacuse June and Wanda have been friends for about 2 years, same lenght of time charity active, and June has a history of fraud/theft charges.


yup, she'll be pregnant veeeeeery soon! no guidance or love in that family, look at the one kid who already got nailed! is that grizzly looking man with no teeth the father? gosh it's scarey. where is dcys when you need them? i agree with "terri" and i must say that "dismayed " is definitely a liberal!!!!! the world is laughing at us enough sweetheart.

Basse krokke
@ meg

Misspelled words? Check!
Improper/complete lack of punctuation? Check!
Childish, judgemental text? Check!
Infer that an intelligent, well-written post is the work of an "ignorant" liberal? Check! Oh, meg -- If only you were smart enough to know that you're the one being laughed at.


Really like the show. The level of commentary about a family who does no harm to anyone is the shocking, controversial part to me. Trailer trash, white trash, etc. Really? Why is it ok to slander people with these sickening, derogatory labels? Even the children have had the most despicable comments made at their expense. That revolting piece of cancerous rectum that runs TMZ made the comment that Alana will be pregnant by 9 years old. Why is this allowed? Its bad enough to pick on the mother, June (whom I admire despite her vulgarities because she is a counter-cultural revolutionary- a big woman who dares to LOVE HERSELF AS SHE IS! Shocking, eh?), but it is unconscionable to slam her children, who are too young to defend themselves properly and can be really hurt. Whatever happened to judge not lest ye be judged, or live and let live, or whatever favorite tried and true phrase you choose that basically says back off, you don't know it all, give people the benefit of the doubt.

Basse krokke
@ Dismayed

Agreed, Dismayed!


These people are white trash through and through. Further, this is why first cousins should not breed, look at the facial features. This trash is leftovers from breeding with Neanderthals. Love to see the happy family's I.Qs. TRAINABLES at best....(~Maybe~). If this child gets any fatter the only places she will be appearing at, is your local country fair in the "Catch the greased pig contest". For all you trainables out there, I mean as the pig she is!


Love the show, Finally a Real Housewife with a Real family!

@ guest

This ''woman'' is turning her own daughter into a sex object! Have you even seen the pageants? You need to understand what this (abomination of)a woman is doing!
I'm utterly speechless to find out that people actually like that show, or even think of it as entertainment...


Ok guys stop hating on honey boo boo and June!! They're just a family who have fun together!! Besides can't you tell that some of this show is scripted? I mean really not all of it is them. SO LAY OFF HONEY BOO BOO CHILD SHE'S AMAZING!!!!!!


Whoever thinks june is gross should smell their ass****s. just cuz shes big dnt mean shit...All i see is a very happy family. who cares about beauty when u can be so happy and free of evil. any negativity is evil trying to enter our lives..We need to accept ppl who are different.


I like the show. We should not judge based on our own experience and background. They are representing a class of people we know nothing about. But it is obvious that this is a family that is happy, they do things together, they love each other. Besides they might find our lifestyles and beliefs unusual. Think about Holidays at your house, is everything perfect?


This show is entering but the whole family is disgusting! First
Off, I hate toddlers and tiaras...and then a show with this little girl from it!? The mom burps every time she talks! She is a strict and stern mom, she is good at parenting but its just a crazy family with no manners.

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