Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Threaten Legal Action Over Tabloid Cover Stories

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Casper Smart frequent exotic massage parlors and/or is a homosexual seeking fast and easy one-night stands.

So claim a pair of tabloid cover stories this week, both of which have prompted Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend to threaten lawsuits against the publications behind them.

Jennifer Lopez Betrayed!
Casper Smart Gay Allegations

The first, from In Touch, quotes a couple of employees at a massage parlor in New York City who allege Smart has stopped by for appointments there twice in the last month.

Star, meanwhile, asserts that the dancer was caught at a peep show in the Big Apple last month, somewhere that's a "well-known cruising spot for gay men looking for instant hookups."

According to TMZ, the couple's attorneys, Shawn Holley and Howard Weitzman, have sent letters to both magazine warning that the "reports" are "false, malicious and defamatory" and will cause "immense damage" to Jennifer and Casper's careers and reputations. They pair will follow up with legal action unless retractions are printed.

No response so far from In Touch or Star.


so if i went to a massage parlor that would make me a lesbian?? i wud sue too they're trying too hard


sO wHaT wHo CaRes


About time they took action and claim the respect they deserve. It's admirable to see JLO standing by his side when so many people say he is not truthful and even when these rumors hurt her family as well. On the other hand, Casper needs to realize everything he says and does will be scrutinized by the media even if he thinks his actions are above suspicion. Remember, one's perception is not that of others.

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