Gabriel Aubry Warns Judge: Halle Berry Could Die!

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Halle Berry is engaged to Olivier Martinez and hopes to make her permanent residence in her fiance's native country of France.

But Gabriel Aubry does not want his ex-girlfriend taking his daughter so far away, and the model's attorney made a convincing argument in court today in an attempt to force Berry to remain in the United States:

She might die abroad!!!

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Aubry's lawyer cited the 1997 car accident that took Princess Diana's life - which resulted from a paparazzi chase - as an example that the country is no place for celebrities and argued that Berry would be placing the life of four-year old Nahla in danger.

However, Berry's lawyer responded with testimony from several French officials, all of whom verified that France is especially strict when it comes to the paparazzi; it's illegal to snap photos of stars against their will, under any circumstance, in that country.

The actress is already on the hook for $20,000 per month to Aubry in child support, but the actual issue of custody and living arrangement isn't expected to be settled any time soon.



I find Aubrey more credible than Martinez and Berry. They will stoop to lowness to achieve their goal and that is to leave the country with Aubrey's daughter.Unfortuantely Aubrey did not have enough streetsmart to avoid Berry's badness.


Halle is great, i love her! But she has extreamly poor choice in men Goodness grief!!! I mean how do u live a peaceful lyf with the lyks of eric benett, gabriel aubrey and oliver matinez??? Seems like the drama is far from over, yet another showcase of wasted beauty . . .




Bogus info from TMZ--made up by TMZ or Team Halle. Doubt Team Aubry sent TMZ anything. No media is allowed in the courtroom and all documents are sealed to those not involved in the trial.


hope that little girl gets to spend time with her father, it would be so selfish for the mother to deny him time with his daughter. so what that they don't like each other anymore, it's about the daughter they have, not them.


she can't always get what she wants. at least he is and wants to be an active dad and be there, how many of us out there never had a father in our lives good for him. she is selfish here's a little story about that:the film gothika was casted with another actoress, her husband was to direct, well halle got ahold of the script and said i want the part, well they "replaced" both the actoress and director. they wanted more "star power" for the film. she stole another womans role, no surprise she wants to steal a child away from her father.


I don't buy the paparazzi excuse, but I do recall the man whose X wife moved to Brazil and remarried. She passed away, and the step dad refuse to give their child back to the dad. It took years to get him back. I don't think it's right to take someone's child to another country. I hope he is successful in his fight.

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