Halle Berry to Shell Out Child Support to Gabriel Aubry

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Gabriel Aubry has finally won in court over Halle Berry.

About a month after the Canadian model asked a judge for $20,000 per month in child support from his rich and famous ex, Halle Berry, a judge has gone ahead and ordered the actress to pay... $20,000 per month in child support, according to TMZ sources.

Hi, Halle Berry!

Berry and Aubry share custody of four-year old Nahla, but no child support requirement had been in place until now.

Still, the legal battle between these former lovers is far from over. Berry would like to move with the toddler to France, in order to live with fiance Olivier Martinez, while Aubry is challenging that request through his attorney.

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i am cracking up. $20,000 is nothing for halle berry - let the bitch have it ... can he lie on 20,000?? nope... who's really losing here? lol...


If she had the child the majority of the time she should be collecting money from him. He's a lazy ass who is using her.


I think its crap. Whoever has the primary custody of a child should get child support. Just


Ms Halle Berry was simply sepup and used by this guy who claim to love her when I believe all he wanted was her money the entire time. He planned having a child with her knowing he didn't really want her. I believe her when she says he called the N word. Halle doesn't strick me a a big Liar. But then again I might be getting fooled by her. Non the less, she should not recieve anything from her.


Money talks bs walks,madonna and janet j had to pay their man. Not all women need a mans pocket book.and shows blacks have money too.


i dont care about race or gender there are people who manage to live and take care of their families with less than 20000 a yr and the fact that a judge would even approve that request shows how f'd up america really is.


@LuLu u Juss sound so racist Stfu & watch u say Halle Thats Exactly what u get u superstars/actress /singers/rappers change men & women how u change ur car so.... Shouldve kepted ur legs close...w/Everrr


cracks me up everytime a guy says the chick should get a job we hear women scream...but now that a women has to pay child support you women complain the dudes trying to mooch off of her and needs a job...why is it that women tend to make everything about gender that they are always wronged...the man should always pay...on that note why is it blacks always are first to play the race card?


that's what she get's for all those false allegations she smeared him with !!!!! she's a fool and brought it all on herself!!!!


Get job gabriel. Why are you trying to live off halle when the child is with her all the time that just being lazy.