Empire State Building Shooting: Caught on Tape

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Warning: the following video is graphic and disturbing in nature.

A surveillance camera at the scene of yesterday morning's Empire State Building shooting has capture the moment in which multiple police officers approach alleged murder Jeffrey Johnson and gun him down on the sidewalk.

You can see if for yourself here:

According to witnesses, Johnson's approached Steven Ercolino - the account executive at the company that fired Johnson last year - without saying a word.

He proceeded to pump numerous bullets into him, even standing over Ercolino's body and continuing to shoot after it was clear the victim was dead.

"Steven was a wonderful son. He was very good son and person," Frank Ercolino of Warwick, N.Y., told ABC News.

After taking Ercolino's life, Johnson walked away and was followed by a construction worked who warned two NYPD officers. They confronted Johnson, who pulled out his gun, held it up - and was shot dead by the two officers, both of whom were standing approximately eight feet away.

That's the footage recorded on the video above.

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