Conan O'Brien, Chaz the Intolerant Chicken Discuss Chick-fil-A Day

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Last week, Conan O'Brien unveiled Chaz the Intolerant Chicken, a new mascot for fast food company Chick-fil-A to use after a key sponsor, The Jim Henson Company, cut ties with them following management's anti-gay marriage comments.

Wednesday, with the story going full steam - it was Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, in which fans and conservative figures like Sarah Palin threw their support behind the embattled restaurant chain - Chaz returned to Conan's TBS show.

Spoiler alert: Chaz is narrow-minded and enjoys innuendo.

Watch and listen to their frank, NSFW dialogue below ...

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And what's got you all stirred up? You need to weigh in on important stuff- Me!


Who in the hell is talking Cher? So much plastic surgery her ears are where her ass use to be. Ohhhhh and her Tea Party remarks. Talk about paranoia strikes deep.


Isn't there other thing's more import ment like, when will Cher make her next movie, and when will her next song come out. I thing she is the greatest singer and one of the best actresses in that business. I loved her in burlesque with christene aguilera. They made a great pair, no pun intended. Henry


Hey Jayhawk, being a biggot is not a value.


I have never ate at this place. However everyone is entiled tohis or her opinion. having said that just becasue gays ar the flavor of the moment, doesnt mean that all of us have to jump on the bandwagon. If one doesnt beleive in gay marriage, why say you do. The owner has a right to state his views and all of you disagree with his views has a right to eat someplace else. Chaz or no Chaz


I don't give a damn about gays are their rights! I will eat at this place like many do! You liberal coastline people think that real americans are going to put up with your BS but your wrong. It's a sin for 2 queers to lay together. get over it and don't bring your ass near a chick-Fil-a because we are tired of your lying and sinful ways and we are out of patience.


This was hilarious, lol
Whatever your politics are isn't my business, but I will not give my money to a company that will donate part of it to anti-gay organizations. Chick-Fil-A spilled the beans and then tried to gracefully clean up their mess, which makes this story all the more disdainful. If you're going to support an agenda, at least refrain from trying to deceive your dissidents into coming back to your restaurant.


crap can't argue, lol....


Great! I like the idea of "Chaz"....I see him as representing Americans who hold certain values they don't care to compromise and have every right under the Constitution to do so! I'll take a Chaz t-shirt, sippy cup and and slurpy straw! I think Chaz can easily be the symbol of those who aren't afraid to express their views and beliefs no matter how conservative or religious-based they are and all despite the radical lefties who are trying to silence them. Therefore, their "agenda" back-fired on 'em a bit with this! Ha!