Blake Jenner Wins The Glee Project!

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Blake Jenner has earned a role on Glee Season 4.

Following an opening season in which Ryan Murphy actually awarded all three finalists with at least some appearance on his Fox hit, the creator said prior to Season 2 that only the actual winner would appear on Glee in 2012-2013.

The Glee Project Final Three

So, how did Jenner pull it out and earn himself a seven-episode stint?

He took on "I'll Be" by Edwin McCain for his final performance, tossing the microphone in a bit of fun showboating - and also writing a poem! That likely put him over the winning edge in the judges' eyes.

The panelists conferred and while all admired Aylin for her personal story, they gushed over Blake's acting skills and Ali's personality.

In the end, the acting won out. But should have? Did Blake Jenner deserve to win season two The Glee Project?


I knew that Blake should win after I saw him act in the Vulnerability episode. It was pretty obvious that he was the front runner and the mentors repeatedly stressed that he was consistently good, well prepared, etc. He was able to take direction and criticism without arguing. He's a good singer and dancer, too. I think that his acting and his professionalism rather than the poem were the most important things. He'll be a great addition to the cast and make the jobs of cast and crew that much easier. I liked Ali and Aylin, but Lily was fantastic. I wish Ryan would cast her in Glee, too.


With Finn gone from season 4 the writers needed a lead male for the New Directions. I wasn't surprised he won but i was surprised that Aylin went home empty handed. Someone like her would have done wonders for Glee


All of the finalists performed great, but Blake did go beyond expectations with the poem. With all of the talent shown, I am surprised that Ryan Murphy stuck with one winner. I’ve been a fan of this show since a co-worker at Dish, recommended it to me. I almost missed this episode, because of a delayed train ride home. But, I was able to watch every minute of the finale with my Dish Remote Access App. The app lets me use my phone to stream shows recorded on my DVR, and live TV. My trip home was vastly improved, when I got to watch the three finalists battle it out for their dreams. Although there was only one winner, I wouldn’t be shocked if the other incredible performers make cameos, they earned it.


naaah... not another typical guy...
I'm wishing to see somebody different... :I

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