Adrienne Maloof on Divorce: A Bump in the Road

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Reality star Adrienne Maloof surfaced this week for the first time since her divorce and spoke briefly about her sad split from Dr. Paul Nassif.

"It's just another bump in the road," The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, 50, said at the L.A. launch of the OMG Phone Case at Kitson.

"Just like any marriage, it has its problems. We happen to be doing that right now and it's on a public platform," added Maloof.

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If that quote sounds like one tinged with hope, maybe there is: they've attended counseling sessions in hopes of working out their issues.

Nassif petitioned for joint custody of the couple's three sons (Gavin, 9, and 6-year-old twins Colin and Christian) in his July 30 divorce filing.

Keeping her children top of mind, Maloof says she ultimately anticipates a "positive resolution" with Nassif, 50, one way or the next.

"I'm hoping for the best. Our children come first and we'll see," says Maloof. "My personality has always been really balanced."

"I remember where my priorities lie which is with my children. So when you have that in mind I think everything else kind of falls into place."

Describing the couple's relationship as "volatile," an insider says Maloof and Nassif simply grew apart over time and that no one cheated.

Adrienne, Lisa Vanderpump, Taylor Armstrong, Camille Grammer, Brandi Glanville and cohorts will soon return for RHOBH Season 3.



What the heck is wrong with you immature adults!! Things were fine while you made 3 children and went on Bravo! Take responsibility and not the easy way out. Children need a mom and a dad and you could have worked this out showing the world it is okay to try!!!!!!! Divorce is the easy way out,! How sad Adrienne, you are such a spoiled person, how sad you selfishly ripped the family unit out from under neath you sweet boys who never asked to be in the very awful situation!! Don't think this is best for them cuz it is not ,