Rick Springfield Cops Plea in DUI Case

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Rick Springfield has copped a plea to avoid jail in his DUI case.

The charge stemmed from an incident in which he allegedly threatened to KILL a deputy sheriff - see one of our more amazing celebrity mug shots below - but the "Jessie's Girl" singer apparently bargained with prosecutors.

Rick's plea deal should make it all go away STAT.

Rick Springfield Mug Shot

Springfield was arrested in Malibu back in May 2011 and allegedly threatened to kill the deputy and his family if he had his 1963 Corvette Stingray towed.

Prosecutors agreed to drop the DUI charges, however, in exchange for a no contest plea to reckless driving and three years probation. Case closed.

As for Randy Travis' DWI arrest this week, that case remains very much open ... and ridiculous. Don't drive drunk you kids. Please, just don't do it.