2016: Obama's America Documentary Rallies the Opposition

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The controversial new documentary 2016: Obama's America became a bona fide box office hit over the weekend, grossing $6.3 million and rallying conservatives in the run-up to the Republican National Convention this week in Tampa, Fla.

Dinesh D’Souza and John Sullivan’s film opened last month in just a few theaters, but has now earned over $9 million, tops among documentaries in 2012.

The anti-Barack Obama film offers a speculative, conservative vision of the President's second term, should he win one at the ballot box this November.

Spoiler alert: Said vision is not pretty.

2016: Obama's America has been advertised and promoted heavily on talk radio and was distributed to coincide with this week's Mitt Romney-led convention.

Reactions to the film have been predictably mixed, as the true believers in D’Souza's anti-Obama crusade will be even more fired up ... as will Obama supporters.

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For those of you who don’t believe that “2016” truly reflects Obama’s America, we encourage you to check out “The Obama Effect.” You can watch it on demand here: http://bit.ly/ShhGFS and or you can pre-order it on DVD here: http://amzn.to/W98wtI. It will be released on DVD on election day!


Its about time we down sized the American government, less intervention in other countries affairs and a smaller military..looks like Obama has it just about right, and BTW, thats what our founding fathers also said too..


I can't believe anyone believes this unfounded load of crap D'souza is shoveling! Do you all know that D'souza wrote in his book that Americans caused 9/11 to happen because of our leftist stance on homosexuality and the wild sex orgies we all seemingly have. This asshole actually said America ignited crazed Muslims to kill us en masse on 9/11. If he's so unhappy here, then go back to Mumbai. Biting the proverbial hand that feeds you Dinesh. We won't miss u.


Saw 2016. Very good film. I new most of the info already. Read everything I can get my hands on about Obama. People are so ignorant about this man. I blame the Media !!!


Matt ur such a liar just like a Republican. Lol I have NEVER sworn this site off. Much less every week. U know I can see why people think u have a connection to this site. U say the most outrageous things probably to keep the comments up.


I mean come on as soon as Matt puts up a comment there's eyes followed by Diana. Can u be more transparent? Hell ur probably this delloway person too. Never see them comment then out of no where they say I have written I'm leaving this site???? Sounds like something ur crazy ass would type.


Clue me in ....when did I say I wasnt coming back to this site? I have never typed that. Ever because if I did I wouldn't be back. Lol either someone else used my user name like I've seen before or u guys are going mental. And come on Matt u know ur pretty much the only person here who uses various screen names. If I used other screen names I would have other people backing me up left and right. But really who has THAT much time on their hands?


Wow, this Matt guy has some serious mental issues. Psychotic. Scary!


Obama 2012!!!!


No Matt, unlike you, I do not have 30 aliases. I post all of my comments under my name only; you're the fool who likes to make up different names. You are a consummate shit-starter. Keep my name out of your ignorant rants.