Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes Prenup: How Much Will She Get in the Divorce?

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How much will Katie Holmes get in her split from Tom Cruise?

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    All you people are so fucking stupid, how about you get a fucking job and stop posting about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes because neither of them give a fuck what your idiotic oppinions are. All you people are talking about them like you know them or something, please just do us all a favor and shut the fuck up and worry about yourselfs instead of others and maybe you wont be 500 lbs sitting on your couch reading instyle and collecting your welfare checks. GET A LIFE

    Working class citzen/ masshole


    As for the comment about her leading him on, you do what you gotta do. My ex didnt know i was leaving until he came home and my shit was gone. Controlling relationships have to be ending in whatever way you can. If my ex would have known i was leaving there would have been violence. Good for her for getting away from him and his cult


    Payback is a XXXXX! About time she and Suri left that "religion" (more like a cult)


    Bitch was nuthin .before him nobody cared about her hair or style,now they are acting like the marriage was long,fucken stupied crap.


    FUCK THE PRENUP!!!!! I think that Katie should financially go after that terrible tyrant Tom and TRY to take from him everything that he's worth. I mean...during their marriage, Tom did nothing but control her, stifle her (creativity and all) and (most of all) suck the life out of her. In an ULTIMATE word...P-A-Y-B-A-C-K!!!!!


    I'm happy for her and can't believe she stayed as long as she did. A few days before she filed I had commented to my mom that you always see pictures of her and Suri but almost no pictures of Her, Suri and Tom. I wasn't surprised at all and I hope she will be able to keep her daughter out of the Cult of Scientology.


    Don't be naive. There marriage was broken before this. Would put money that Tom persuaded her to wait until just before his movie came out to actually file the divorce papers.


    Theres prenup.My question is she was seen a wk prior to filing for divorce,holding hands kissing in public so was she leading him on

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