Tom Cruise "Bitter" at Katie Holmes For Using Suri as "Weapon"

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Tom Cruise is reportedly bitter at soon-to-be-ex Katie Holmes for not only blindsiding him with divorce papers last week, but for using their six-year-old daughter Suri as a weapon against him in the proceedings, according to reports.

The two are no longer on speaking terms as a result.

Although Tom now has "absolutely no contact with Katie," his people are negotiating with Katie's people over when and how Tom can talk to Suri Cruise, and Holmes' people are allegedly making that difficult for him.

Tom, Katie and Suri

The 50-year-old movie legend does speak with his daughter by phone at least once a day, TMZ sources say, but note that it hasn't been easy to get that.

When Tom does get Suri Cruise on the phone, he has not discussed the breakup of his marriage with his daughter. Nor does he know when he'll see her.

Things are "really bitter now" between Tom and Katie, people close to the situation say. He feels betrayed and thinks she is "using Suri as a weapon."

Whether she's being used as a weapon or not is subject to debate; fears over how she will be raised are legitimate, and are said to have prompted her to leave Tom.

You can bet that the Tom Cruise-Katie Holmes divorce will remain contentious if she continues to seek sole custody and limit his exposure to Suri.



Both are wrong. He for not seeing Suri and she for taking the child to another state to raise her. That is selfish on her part to deprive Suri enough time with him.




I think Katie Holmes is a conniving wench..that got what she wanted loads of money! She was a nobody before she married Tom. I also think it's wierd how she carries and holds a 6 year old child. My children, i expected them to walk on their own 2 feet and sit in their own chair! Just looks a little overprotective.


I get that Katie has her reasons for ending her marriage, and I don't have kids, and I don't know if this article has the tiniest bit of truth to it but... I think it would be extremely wrong to use a 6yr old as a weapon in divorce. Its hard on Tom (. I would assume) and I have divorced parents, it would be hard on Suri even if she doesn't quite understand yet. IF Katie is doing this she needs to stop. She says she worries about her daughter and I know that she is a mother and that is 100% true.But from I point that I can relate when Suri understands and finds that she was used it will hurt. Dang that was long!


He can no longer communicate with Katie because she is
SP in cult lingo . Tom is forbidden to have contact with her. same as with Nicole , once you say anything about the cult that even hints on the negative side , well you are the enemy and no member of the church can have anything to do with you . Nicole was dead to Bella and Connor and thats the way Katie would be if Suri was at Toms. One word to Katie now and Tom Bella Connor and all the rest of the family will be kicked out.


Tom Cruise has been married 3 times and each time divorced with overtones of the church of scientology at the forefront.Religion is supposed to help make a marriage strong and lasting.This has not worked for Tom,time to find a true religion that works.


Kayla - What is clear to some is that something Tom said or did RECENTLY is what led to Katie fleeing with Suri. Some think it's because the child is nearing school age and is nearing the age when children of Scientologists start to become drug into their teachings. Did Katie know this would happen? Perhaps! But perhaps it didn't hit her with full force until Tom started pushing the Scientology agenda on Suri. Perhaps...


Tough spit Tom. This is what you did to Nicole. How's it feel? As for Katie using Suri as a tool or weapon, anyone with brains can see she's protecting the child from something Tom said or did that scared her into leaving with the child. The guy turned into a nut once he joined Scientology, pretending to know all about medical illnesses, why people have them, how to treat them. pfffttt I once was a fan, but that stopped when he gave Nicole the shaft and wouldn't even tell her why he was kicking her to the curb. He played games saying she knew why when she was saying she didn't know why. An honorable person would have said why instead of playing that parochial game.


Oh please. Tom is bitter `cause he is a short little troll who is in a cult. RUN Katie, and keep Suri away from his craziness and his cult.


divorce. I didn't just say all of that because I'm in favor of Tom, I'm just saying just because someone isn't happy anymore doesn't mean the child deserves to be kept away from the other parent. What's best is to be raised by both parents. End on amicable terms with joint custody not a bitter ending, that's what's best for a child, knowing mom & dad chose to go their separate ways but continue to co parent her.

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