Tameka Foster Attorney to Usher: Did You Bang a Bridesmaid?

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Welcome to The Real Housewives of Amazing Six Packs.

In court once again this morning to testify in the custody hearing brought on by ex-wife Tameka Foster, Usher was grilled about an incident from a couple years ago when Foster reportedly spit on Usher and sort of threatened his life.

Did Usher provoke this attack by cursing off his ex? No, the artist insisted over and over against allegations made by the attorney.

From there, meanwhile, things got really weird, as the same lawyer questioned Usher about his relationship with Maya Fox Davis, one of Tameka's bridesmaids from their wedding. She asked if the singer was caught "in bed" with Davis, at which point his attorney objected, claiming irrelevancy to the custody case.

Usher, to his credit, handled himself as well on the stand as he handles himself on the dance floor, remaining calm and under control, with the exception of yesterday's tears.

The trial is now in recess and will continue in July.


Get your boys from that crazy woman you are to good an she is crazy


As the scorpion said, as he was drowning, it's in his nature.


This was a train wreck waiting to happen. I know that the heart wants what it want, however, this woman had a bad track record. She looks greasy. She was a stylish yet she looked all out of style. I have never seen a picture of her with a good professional weave. Not even "AFTER" she married Usher. It has been reported that Ushers mother tried to warn him. I remember it was reported his Mom refused to come to the wedding or some drama like that. If that is true, it is because your Mother can smell a HO like a bloodhound. Some women make a career out of having kids by artist so they can attain status in life. Like Kim Porter,(P diddy's mattress) she is shameless!


I really hate that USHER got involved with this lady she was TOO OLD FOR him anyway and I personally think she took advantage of him no wonder his mom did not want her with Usher. I really feel for Usher this woman is crazy and was never "good enough for him. She only had those two babies to keep control over usher cos she knew once he got from under her spell he would find away to get away from her. makes me wonder "what she had on him"...Good Luck USHER AND GOD BLESS YOU..

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