Sylvester Stallone Hires Investigator to Look Into Son's Death

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With no clear answer over how his son passed away, Sylvester Stallone is reportedly taking proactive steps to clear up questions surrounding the tragic death of 36-year old Sage.

According to TMZ, the veteran actor talked with Scott Ross this week, the private investigator who played a key role in both the Michael Jackson molestation case and the Chris Brown/Rihanna battery case. Ross met with Stallone, his brother Frank and an official from the coroner's office yesterday.

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There's been no evidence of foul play, but questions continue to arise over Sage Stallone, whose body was found on Friday inside his bedroom.

Initial reports claimed an overdose and that Sage has been dead for days when discovered, but new evidence (e.g. Facebook posts) make it appear as if Sage were still alive within 17 hours of a housekeeper finding his corpse. Sources, meanwhile, swear he never had a problem with drugs.

An autopsy has been performed, but the results of toxicology tests will not be known for weeks.


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Heard Sage Stallone might have OD on medication after having several teeth removed. This is terrible if true. My friend had several teeth extracted for implants. The oral surgeon required her to be accompanied by a responsible adult during the procedure, to drive her home, and for the aftercare - or he would not do the surgery. I know, I was the responsible adult and the surgeon went over everything with me. The office also called her and I 2x a day to check in.


5 teeth pulled at one time? That dentist needs to be investigated.