Sage Stallone Cause of Death Remains Unknown

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The mystery behind Sage Stallone's death will, unfortunately, remain unsolved for at least another month or so.

An autopsy has been performed on the 36-year old son of actor Sylvester Stallone, who was found dead in his home on Friday, but a spokesman for the Los Angeles County Coroner tells CNN it still requires the results of toxicology tests. This typically takes six weeks. 

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Meanwhile, while initial reports claimed that Stallone passed away from some kind of drug overdose, his attorney says Sage never showed any signs of substance abuse. According to George Braunstein, Stallone didn't even drink alcohol.

Along similar, conflicting lines, sources alleged that Stallone's corpse has been lying in his bedroom for days… but Braunstein points to posts made on Sage's Facebook page less than 24 hours prior to his death that counter those claims.

Sage appeared opposite his father in 1990's Rocky V and again in 1996's Daylight. He was actually set to marry his fiancee in Las Vegas this weekend.

Our thoughts go out to his family and we'll update this story when more is known.

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My Condolences to the Stallone Family on the loss of their loved one Sage. I have 3 boys and love each one so much. The Lord Jesus Christ will be with you and will keep Sage in His care. Keep your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and His Father God.


I want to give my condolences to the Stallone family, I am one of Sly's biggest fans. I have seen all his movies except for the Expendables, and Expendables 2, will be seeing them soon. Again so sorry to hear about Sage, I also want to extend my condolences to his fiance I am truly sorry for you loss.


I am very sorry for your loss Mr Sylvester , God bless you I have lost alot of family members in the past two years but not a child; life is so short and we are not promised tomorrow.Joshua 1.9


Sorry for you loss....My thoughts and prayers are with all of you during this difficult time....


Dear Stallone,
True its painful. We are after all human beings. But Indian scriptures clearly say that our souls has no death. neither fire can burn it, sword can cut it.....Our tru nature is that of God..who is never born and will never die. he is in everything and in everyone. We are that Sureme being...


My condolences to the stallone family, I to passed through this heartbreak 4 years ago when I put my son to rest. Just remember all this happens for the divine purpose of god, We will never understand him for he works in his own way. It is true to the saying only the good die young, but always remember gods in control. All things work for good for those who love the lord and have faith you will see your son when the trumpets sound but it is on us to continue this spiritual battle between good and bad. Question is will you be ready when those trumpets sound. God Bless


Boo hoo....cry me a river


Theres nothing more painful than the loss of your own child my heart goes out to the whole family my prayers are with you


I'm very sorry for your heart and prayers are with you.tabloids are gonna say whateva keep your head up don't let them upset you.God bless you in your time if grief.


just real sorry for this bad news Stallone, it suck the parents had to buried they child and no the other way around damn drug sad,very very sad