Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Pictures: Released! Controversial!

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Another tabloid cover of Kate Middleton is creating quite a stir in Great Britain - but this one is actually real.

Unlike the photoshopped image of Middleton with yellow teeth, an Australian magazine called Woman's Day has published an image of Kate and Prince William on their honeymoon on North Island, a tiny archipelago in the Seychelles.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Honeymoon Photo

It's unclear how a paparazzi member sneaked on to the tropical paradise, as it's rumored to be home to more tortoises than people. But one insider said the shutter bug likely earned an enormous payday for the pic.

"Any shot of them on their honeymoon was going to go for at least half a million but because Kate is in a bikini I would estimate that this is a million dollar shot," celebrity business journalist Jo Piazza told Yahoo! Shine.

It's true. For all the Kate Middleton fashion trends out there, best of luck trying to find another photo of the would-be-queen in a bathing suit.

Sources say the royal couple is "distraught" over the leaking of the picture, as they went to great lengths to keep the honeymoon destination a secret from the press.

Reports say that coast guard patrolmen and security teams were even stationed around the bungalow in which Kate and William stayed. Clearly, someone either messed up or was in on the tabloid scoop, however.

Over a dozen additional images of Middleton and her prince swimming and strolling are featured inside the issue.

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Why carn't everyone just leave them alone and let them have there privacy


well as a public figure you think she deserves some privacy. she does but her picture is a hot commodity for those who want to earn a living. at least with her she does not have to earn as hard as others. all she needs to remember now is the reality that there is no privacy unless she is at home. she needs to behave then and be ready always for those who want her pictures. it is just a state of mind. smile, smile, smile, kate, that is all it takes. no big deal. take it from me.


William needs to work out... and Kate needs to stop pandering to the pro-anexoreic lobby...


It wasn't impossible to find a picture of Kate in a bikini before this disgusting invasion of privacy. There are plenty of paparazzi pictures of her at Mustique and various other island resorts she went to with Prince William when she was still his girlfriend.


kate needs to eat and remenber she only live once, instead of starving her skinny-self to death. its not as if she was skinny when William met her !! she"s oky in the look department but can never be as beautiful as princess Diana, !!! why would any sane person pay that huge money for that tacky photo, no curves at all, she used to have curves before but it has all gone !!! she look boyish, nahhhhh


Thay look normal


if that pict is real kate ... i still saying that she's pretty & sexy ... at least it's her real body .. no surgery at all ... better than have cleavage but all is fake lol...


This picture is so far different from the real photo.It doesnt look beautiful as the real ,regarding the face .she also look too slim from the reality .
No doubt i was astonished how this picture belong to the princess.Thanks.


It doesn't look real, her body looks SO fake! I thought that before I read the article!


Kate is nowhere as beautiful as Di. She just is very average. And why the fury-she knew what she was getting into and she badly wanted to be photographed and portrayed as a loving wife-all she wants is the glamour of the position. I really dont think she is worried-she wanted this and is pretending to be upset.

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